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Navigating sexual wounding


This week I experienced the revelation of yet another piece of my Divinity. Through a sudden shock, something cracked inside of me and I got in contact with something that my mind does not remember. Yet… my body does. 

True love is not all fairies and butterflies. True love will always invite us to remember ourselves in a greater way than we ever have. 

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover a different face of True Love.

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In this episode I cover:

00:01 – Honouring humanity in leadership
02:45 – Freezing in trauma response
04:25 – Disassociating & leaving the body
06:50 – Breath
08:15 – Your body remembers, even if your mind might not
12:10 – Wounding in ancestral lineages
15:00 – Surrendered leadership
18:40 – Self-love through tenderness
19:50 – Indications of hidden wounds 
20:20 – Reaction to touch
21:10 – Contracting
22:00 – Sexually closed off
24:00 – Celebrate the revelation of Yourself
25:55 – Being a clear channel 
27:20 – Different levels of sexual wounding
29:00 – Shame, guilt, and breaking the silence
30:00 – Healing through surrender
30:30 – Acknowledging, sensing, integrating, and forgiving
33:00 – The body remembers what the mind forgets
34:35 – Creating space and allowing to be held
35:50 – Strong inner Masculine
36:48 – Program Uplift: Awakened Heart

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