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Serving Love on this Planet


#11 Alignment with my Dharma pulled me out of a hole I was digging myself into. It seemed it was just an ordinary life, with ordinary confusion. But I know I’m not here for the ordinary.

I’m here for the extraordinary.
And maybe… SO ARE YOU!

There is no greater use of this Life than show up for the Supreme Calling of your incarnation and to serve Love, with all of you.

Tune in with me in this episode to find out more!

In this episode I cover:

  • What is surrendered leadership? (00:28)
  • Trying to find a purpose in life (02:29)
  • The calling of the soul (07:16)
  • Looking at beliefs and recognizing they are not yours (10:10)
  • The song of your incarnation, your Dharma (13:07)
  • Alignment with my Dharma (16:39)
  • I am here for the extraordinary. I’m here to walk the path that was never walked before me, because I’m here to walk my path (17:18)
  • There’s just blessings and Grace, an incredible support that comes from all directions. (19:56)

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