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Stepping into Sacred Union


The cultivation of inner power comes through cultivation of emotional intelligence.
It’s the ability to feel what is there to feel.
It’s the ability to be in discomfort and, at the same time, not be swayed by it.
It’s the understanding that no matter what kind of mess or chaos is going on in your life… you are fundamentally well.

This recognition changes your whole life.

Until then…
Our ways to connect with others in relationships will be dedicated to healing..

True Love is something so big, it takes resilience to hold it. It takes emotional mastery.

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover ways to become more conducive to your full power and to become more magnetic to the kind of Love that allows deep transformation and that changes the world.

In this episode I cover:

  • Understanding our Power (0:23)
  • How to grow in our power? (2:50)
  • Emotional Intelligence (6:30)
  • Finding sovereignty in relationships (7:40)
  • The real pandemic: People don’t remember their worth (9:03)
  • Projecting our lack of self-worth on other people (9:58)
  • You are always fundamentally well (11:55)
  • Our inner work impacts everyone around us (16:44)
  • Relationships are catalysts for transformation (18:48)
  • The Sacred Union (21:08)
  • My upcoming Program: Emotional Mastery (25:06)
  • My upcoming Program: Come, my Love (29:28)

Emotional Mastery

Come, my Love 

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