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Surrender into Prosperity


What if you live your whole Life without touching the Light of your Highest Self? Understanding and living your Dharma enables you to choose to follow your Divine assignment here on Earth, instead of staying in your comfort zone and resisting your Highest Potential including the mastering of the realm of Prosperity. This requires to lean in, stretch, expand beyond your comfort, and open up to receive beyond your wildest dreams in all areas of your life, be it career, relationships, or self-development.

Living your Dharma is not just about you, it is for the highest good of all living beings. And mastering the realm of Prosperity may well be a part of yours.

Dive deeper with me in this episode and discover ways to widen your Heart and Surrender into Prosperity.

In this episode I cover:

00:25 – Understanding Dharma
01:00 – Dharma as the unique expression of your Self
01:47 – Resisting your Highest Potential
03:45 – Constricting yourself by staying in your comfort zone
05:35 – Dharma invites you into the next level in all areas of your life
05:38 – Your Dharma is uniquely yours
06:50 – Copying others vs giving space to your own Soul
08:00 – Traveling within and discovering deep inner Wealth
08:44 – Merging Prosperity and Spirituality
13:22 – Allowing the fear of being judged to prevent you from experiencing your Highest Truth
14:46 – Embracing all of Life and Spirituality
17:30 – Coming back to your Heart
18:50 – Opening up to the ability to receive beyond your wildest dreams
21:35 – Online Program: Prosperity Portal
30:15 – Step into Extraordinary Abundance:Sundari Summer

Prosperity Portal is my upcoming Program (I’m talking about it in the end!).
It  includes:
✧ The Big Energy context that holds you when you move to the level of 6 and 7 figures
✧ The Art of doing without doing
✧ Widening your channel and giving space to your Highest Self
✧ Sacred Sales
✧ Serving from Overflow

🌺 Sundari Summer is your access to ALL my Programs and Masterclasses for 5 months!

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