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The Three Stages of Dharmic Love


You may think that you get into a relationship because of love… When in fact relationships are created out of the need for healing. 

And love… is something that we grow into. Or not.

Tune in and let me take you on a journey through the three stages of Dharmic Love.

In this episode I cover:

  • Welcome to this episode (0:18)
  • What is Dharmic Love? (1:20)
  • The first stage of Dharmic Love: Dealing with karma and all the wounds that were created in our childhood (4:42)
  • The NEED for being in a relationship when the heart needs to be filled and no relationship seems enough to do it (10:35)
  • Self-parenting and finding the meaning of your inner feminine and inner masculine, the parts of you that know how to hold you as precious and sacred (11:57)
  • What happens when you finally take responsibility for yourself and stop delegating that to someone else? Let’s talk about radical self-responsibility (13:28)
  • The second stage of Dharmic love: Claiming your responsibility so you can MEET another person. When you are free and the other person is free, you start seeing and acknowledging each other’s worth (15:30)
  • What happens when you meet and are met at this level? (19:44)
  • The third stage of Dharmic Love: The Union. Recognizing something profound inside of you, that you are Love (20:45)
  • What happens in your life when that recognition takes place? (22:05)

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