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Wealth Identity as a part of the Spiritual path


“I shouldn’t be too successful because it’s not spiritual to care about money”
“I shouldn’t desire too much because it’s not spiritual”
“You should be content with what you have”
“As a woman you shouldn’t be very wealthy because that will be repelling to men”
“The man has to be the providers in relationships”

Such beliefs are fed by fears and simply limiting how much space we take and how much light we shine in the world.

What I learned is that you are the one who decides how wealthy you are.
And when you do the work of cleansing the mindset around money, you arrive into energetic alignment.
You become magnetic and allow money to flow freely to you.

Tune in to hear how I cracked the Wealth code and reached the next level in my business.

In this episode I cover:

  • Topic of today: The various branches of my Work and Path (0:27)
  • All branches of the spiritual path are portals to recognition of our ultimate potential (3:53)
  • The Path of Wealth (8:10)
  • Surrendered Leadership (10:40)
  • The powerful episode that activated that for me (11:26)
  • Through the purification of my Money patterns my business skyrocketed (13:08)
  • Wealth is the byproduct of who we are (15:30)
  • Money by itself is not powerful, money is a completely neutral resource (16:18)
  • Money has to be in the hands of good hearted people (17:58)
  • My new program: Embodied Wealth (18:39)

Link to Embodied Wealth Program:

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