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What is Boundless Love


Welcome to this 2nd episode of the Boundless Love podcast. 

In this episode I will be specifically speaking about Boundless Love. What it is, how it manifests and how it is accessible to us every given moment.

I will share with you a story from a period of my life when I had to dive deep into my own darkness and also how this period brought me back to the light of Boundless Love!

Tune in with me!

In this episode I cover:

  • Diving into the darkness (0:15)
  • Nothing was making sense to me (5:15)
  • The one word that brought me back to life (5:35)
  • Love is everything (6:34)
  • We have to be a little mad to love (7:15)
  • There is no love outside of you (7:52)
  • We fail into or attempt to grasp love with our human mind (10:22)
  • First, you have to die, then you love (11:20)
  • What is ego death? (12:28)
  • Life loves me (16:49)
  • Love in relationships (18:40)
  • Denial is a symptom of trauma (21:50)
  • Edge as a door to a deeper connection (22:53)
  • Relationships can really open your heart (25:39)
  • Our eternal beloved (27:35)
  • Devotion is that yearning of the heart (30:20)

Thank you so much for listening. I feel happy to know that you are here and would be SO grateful if you could leave me a review on Apple podcasts, that way we can inspire, educate and transform the lives of even more people together.

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