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Your Dharma


You feel when people are in their right place.

You feel when people are doing what their Soul has come to do here.

They simply are in such deep listening to the truth within themselves, that they end up in the right place…

It is a life-long promise to experience and express the fullness of the potential of your incarnation, and probably the most fulfilling one.

Tune in to this episode and let me take you on a journey that once you are on, there is no turning back…

In this episode I cover:

  • Topic of today: The power of stepping into our innate gift (0.20)
  • We are so invested in doing that we might overlook something deeply important (2.04)
  • Is what I’m doing right now aligned with my energy and with who I am right now? (2.24)
  • The meaning of Dharma (3.38)
  • Dharma in Buddhism (5.54)
  • To live your Dharma you have to surrender (7.20)
  • You feel when people are doing what their Soul has come to do here (8.03)
  • The river of Dharma leads us inevitably into the river of God (9.21)
  • My experience finding my Dharma (10.45)
  • My invitation to the people (13.04)

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