June 2, 2022

Every day I can choose to make decisions from one of the two places:

⚡️From my future self or
😞From my past self.

⚡️Do I make decisions as a multi-millionaire who knows that she is at all times held and loved by money and the more she spends from alignment the more she anchors her expansion and becomes magnetic for so much more? 💸

😞Or: do I make decisions as someone with unhealed money wounds believing that money is unreliable, thinking that spending money means giving it away?

⚡️Do I make decisions as a Queen of Love, abundant, generous, knowing deep in her bones that Love is available to her at all times and that she is never disconnected?

😞Or: do I make decisions as a girl living in lack, finding proof of her loneliness everywhere I look?..

So who rules?

The one we feed, that’s who! 🐺

Now the question is: who do YOU choose to feed?


People, I’m so full right now.
I have so much to give.
This will be a grandiose year. It already is.

Mark my words: hop on the train, there won’t be a better time!

Embodied Wealth begins on Friday!

So much other goodness is in the space too, but during EW we will be doing a really profound foundational work. This work will for sure impact your financial situation, AND it will also impact ALL areas of your Life, not only the moneyzz.

There we will be restoring money back to purity.
Eradicating every last bit of lack and scarcity consciousness. For realz!
Practicing erotic embodiment to activate that money magnet yum!
Expanding the energy channels to be able to hold big wealth.

This journey will be full of beauty, purity and power!

Let’s goooo! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

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