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Unfold like a rose into your deepest pleasure. Come home to your body as a sacred temple. Expand into love unlike ever before.

Imagine what could be possible without having any shame or guilt around your pleasure.

Imagine each moment with a lover being a portal to Divine connection, unlocking mystical states of love consciousness within you.

Imagine that every day of your life, even in mundane moments, your heart remains open to the beauty and pleasure all around you.

Imagine feeling so at home in your body that you know in every cell that you belong here on earth, and you are here to bring Divine love through you.

You are a vessel of love.

You are worthy of boundless pleasure.

In fact, to fully let in this pleasure is one of the greatest gifts you can give the world. It elevates the consciousness of humanity and our beloved earth.

Would you like to have a really unique experience of pleasure beyond pleasure... Pleasure that doesn't fit into any definition of pleasure you've known until today?

Join Sofia Sundari LIVE.

This workshop will take place at 6 pm CET on the 13th of March.

In the Boundless Pleasure Workshop, you’ll experience a guided pleasure practice which will awaken your entire being to new levels of love, beauty, and pleasure.

You’ll embody your true Divine light unlike ever before, and activate your inner radiance that makes you impossible to miss in the crowd.

These aren’t just words… it’s an entirely new way of being in the world.

The saddest thing that can happen is if one day you look back at your life, and realize that you forgot to enjoy it.

Pleasure is the key.

When you tap into your pleasure, it allows you to live fully and enjoy your sacred life.

Pleasure reminds us that it’s such a sacred experience to be human. It is a gift to be embodied.

Pleasure expands our beauty and gratitude like nothing else…

Will you say “yes” to pleasure, love, and beauty today?

Are you ready to open your heart to new levels of love, pleasure, and eros?

I'd love to offer this guided experience to you!

Your Host

I’ve facilitated this workshop many times, at my own Trainings and at various conscious events, including the Burning man festival. Each time at the end of it I had men and women approaching me saying that this was the greatest gift they had ever received, that it was the first time they truly experienced the Divine in their own very body. They experienced that which before then they could only understand intellectually.

Now you can also experience that.

In this workshop you can experience that God/the Universe/ the Absolute is within You. And your pleasure is the sacred door to the Temple of Eternity.

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*Note that this is a unique one time event and no replay will be offered.

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