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Sacred Man / Sacred Woman

Upcoming trainings:

  • July 9 – July 17, 2021 • Spain

This training is a courageous attempt to reframe the unhealthy, conditioned ways in which men and women have historically related to each other, and bring fundamental empowerment to men and women, so that they can truly Meet each other.

This is a journey that changes collective patterns of fear, loneliness and confusion, and takes as back to love.

~Sofia Sundari

Imagine what the world would be like if men and women met each other from a space of purity, away from agenda, manipulation, unhealthy seduction, demands and expectations. Imagine if people could feel the flame of Spirit in each other’s essence and meet each other flame to flame…

This is a 2 in 1 training.

For Him

A powerful Opportunity for Men who are ready to step into their Sacred Masculine Nature

Do you know that deep within you there is an empowered Man that has a tremendous Gift to this world?

The world does not seem to need your masculinity anymore: women are empowered and self-sufficient leaders, your security is in the hands of the state, and the old paradigm of the “man as the provider” has crumbled.

To some extent, this development has liberated us, and has helped us to become more whole inside. You may have learnt to enjoy life for yourself. You know how to partake in the beauty of your heart, and you drink in the radiance of nature. You may have become friends with your emotions. You know how to be in a deep state of flow. You may feel complete inside yourself.
But… what is next?

What is the role of a man, today?

Do you have a feeling sometimes that there is more to Life?

Do you ever hear the call of your Lion’s Heart, the call of your masculine essence, that seems to be vying for your attention and trying to guide you into an even more truthful version of yourself?

You will empower THAT in this training.
In this training this Man will be revealed.

You will be doing potent practices that serve to anchor you into the deep Gift of your Masculine Power and Presence in a group of men.

“Brotherhood is a space of honor, support and care. It is a space where men show up for each other, not to compete but to empower each other.”
~Sofia Sundari

What is Brotherhood and why is it powerful?

In this training, you will dive deeply into a shared space of brotherhood, dedicated to sharpening your masculine essence. You will work together, rather than against each other, and heal the misconceptions around the never-ending form of toxic competition that men have learnt in their upbringing.

Dropping the need to perform in order to achieve, you will instead hold each other accountable to show up in the most authentic, grounded and loving expression of your masculine essence. You will do intense practice, go through the inner fire of purification and activate both your heart and your warrior spirit: guts, balls, and heart in alignment.

The men will remember what it means to have each other’s back, and challenge each other to keep showing up in full presence, in full love.

The Journey in the Temple of Fire and Love


Almost every day men will be invited into the Women’s Temple for various coed practices and rituals.

Having done deep grounding work together, men will be meeting with Women from the Sacred Woman Training. These meetings will serve to shift any unhealthy patterns you’ve had around relating with the Feminine and bring Women and Men to a profound new paradigm of relating, that is absolutely crucial for our evolution as Humankind in these times.

During the Sacred Man training you will:

  • Attune with your True Purpose
  • Practice Warrior’s yoga
  • Become the master of your sexual energy: learn how you can choose when and whether you ejaculate, and how to circulate sexual energy
  • Learn powerful healing practices to work with erectile dysfunction and increase sexual intimacy
  • Cleanse your emotional body by becoming aware of your feelings
  • Gain access to your own deep primal energy
  • Learn how to deeply penetrate your partner and the world with the power of your consciousness
  • Cultivate your capacity to hold tremendous amounts of energy in your nervous system, and to be firmly rooted in yourself even in situations of high intensity
  • Feel centered in your masculine power
  • Become established in your true confidence
  • Discover how to connect with women from a place of truth and power and how to open a woman beyond what she has ever experienced in the past


It is time to claim your masculinity, and stand firm and tall in who you are – as Sacred Man. No more playing small. You are needed.
You are needed: not in the sense of the old patriarchy, that was disconnected from the heart; but you are needed in the sense of the Sacred Warrior, dedicated to penetrating the world with fierce love.
The world needs you. The Feminine needs you. Your own masculine core needs you.

To feel the mystery of life in all its depth, and be truly invigorated by Life, you must show up for this.

"Once you find love inside of you and truly fill yourself from within, all your unworthiness will melt away and you will incarnate as the Woman you came here to be, the One who leads us all to the Infinite through finite."
~Sofia Sundari

For Her


You have been incarnated into this feminine body, but You were not taught how to honour the real Gift of this body, how to truly feel the body from within, how to truly offer the Gift of the Feminine Heart to men in a way that they in turn remember the Gift of the Masculine Presence.

You likely can provide for yourself; you know that you will not fall apart without a man, you know your boundaries and are clear on your goals. You know how to go deep being on your own. You may even feel complete on the inside and not need anyone or anything in your life.

You have learnt to become independent and self sufficient, and this is an important step that lays the foundation for any further work.

But what is the next step?
What is this Life about, really?

Do you have a feeling there is more to Life?
Do you ever hear a little voice in your heart late at night that whispers: “Life is not done with you yet”…

This Training will give you a Medicine you’ve long been waiting for, without knowing it.

It will open your beautiful eyes to the Highest Path of your Life, as a Woman, the sacred carrier of the Divine Feminine.

The truth is – most women live not entirely embodied in their Feminine essence. Most women don’t fully embody their erotic radiance. Most women hold back their Hearts. Most women never allow themselves to truly surrender.

There is a deep sadness buried deep inside: your Feminine Heart cannot wait to come un-done.

The unique mechanism of this Training is that not only will you be diving deep into a very beautiful feminine container where you will be practicing the way the feminine body is designed to and nurturing yourself from inside out so you cannot help but overflow with radiance and joy… On top of that almost every day you will be joined by men from the Sacred Man Training. These meetings will serve to shift any unhealthy patterns you’ve had around relating with the Masculine, and bring Women and Men to a new paradigm of relating, that is absolutely crucial for our evolution as Humankind in these times.

During the Sacred Woman training you will:

  • Explore the multi-dimensionality of your feminine energy
  • Give space to the Longing of your Heart
  • Practice yoga of devotion
  • Align your sexuality with the infinite beauty of your Heart
  • Cleanse your emotional body of past wounds
  • Unleash your wild love
  • Find a renewed sense of safety in your feminine body
  • Become established in your true confidence
  • Discover how to connect with men from a place of love and power and how to surrender to a man without losing yourself and getting pulled into unhealthy dynamics


If this is hitting home for you – apply immediately because these trainings usually have a waiting list.

During our joined time Men and Women will experience:

  • Sacred Rituals of restoring the Sacred Union between the Masculine and the Feminine
  • Meetings in agenda-less Temple space
  • Practice of transfiguration – revelation of innate divinity and vast consciousness within yourself and the one you see before you
  • Rituals of aligning with the true qualities of your Soul
  • Energetic activation
  • Sacred erotic bodywork
  • Other powerful practices


If this is hitting home for you – apply immediately because these trainings usually have a waiting list.

Your Facilitators

The training is held by international transformational leader Sofia Sundari.


Sofia Sundari is a bestselling author, speaker and facilitator of courses on spiritual development and sacred sexuality.

Over the last decade she has worked with thousands of people from 80 countries and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Russian born, Sofia resides in Ibiza, Spain and travels the world to lead trainings and speak at events.

Sacred Man is facilitated by

Dominik Graef

Dominik is an experienced meditation and yoga teacher. He is also a Wim Hof Method instructor and a serial entrepreneur.

The last 12 years of his life have been dedicated to deep spiritual practice as well as building successful businesses.

The biggest joy in his life is inspiring people to transform and grow. He is known for his down to earth, grounded approach while leading groups.

Oliver Vilwock

Oliver facilitates mens’ work and coaching and is due to publish his first book in Spring 2021.

Former sales director in a finance company and ex competing martial artist, he is passionate about bringing intensity into spaces of togetherness, brotherhood and connection to Spirit.

Oliver is a dedicated practitioner of meditation and enjoys daily ice baths.


What is it like working with Sofia?

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Christian, Romania

"Liberation Into Orgasm Immersion" Testimonial

Jasminea, Malta

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Greg, Netherlands

Priestess School - Module 1 "Initiation" Testimonial

Heather, Mauritius

"Activating The Warrior" Testimonial

Martin, United Kingdom

Priestess School - Module 1 "Initiation" Testimonial

Verena, Germany

"Liberation Into Orgasm Immersion" Testimonial

Bambos, Netherlands

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You will walk away feeling deeply alive, seen, loved, confident, re-vitalised, rooted in inner silence.


We are lodging at Hidden Paradise.

Price & Payment

Retreat Fee
2500 €

This includes:

  • Retreat Fee 8 Nights & 9 Days,
  • Accommodation (in double rooms),
  • 2 Delicious Vegetarian Meals a Day


Training schedule:

On July 9th registration opens at 4 PM (CEST, GMT +1, Spain) and training starts at 5 PM.

On July 17th training ends at 12 PM (CEST).

Deposit: To secure your place we require €1,000 non – refundable deposit.
Payment: You can choose to pay in installments as long as the full payment is received by June 8th 2020. You can pay via bank transfer or via Paypal. Attendees are responsible for the transaction fees.
Scholarships are available in exceptional cases.
Please submit your details below to receive an email and an application form. Once we have received your application form, we will send you all the information on how to pay.
Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation before June 8th, we will keep 100% of your deposit as an administration fee. After June 8th there will be no refunds. We are financially responsible for the training, so we ask you to respect that we cannot make any exceptions to this agreement. Please read our Cancelation Policy before applying.

COVID - 19 UPDATE: In case we need to cancel the retreat due to Covid-19, a 100% refund will be issued to all participants.

Any questions?
Don’t hesitate to send us an email here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to come with a partner?

No, this training is suitable for both singles and couples. If you come as a couple you will do all the partnered practices together and it will not only provide profound support for your individual lives but your relationship will also progress to a new level.

Is it training that is suitable for beginners in this line of work?

Yes. Be prepared for it to create an intense transformation for you, so please come committed to staying open even through discomfort.

I’ve been into personal development/meditation/Tantra/shamanism for a while now, is this training still a good fit for me?

Yes, it is a good fit. If you feel a resonance with the energy, don’t hesitate to join. Although open for “beginners”, this is not a beginners’ training.

I am pregnant - can I still attend?

Yes, absolutely. This would be a beautiful gift not only to you but also to your future child. We love having pregnant women.

I look different to most of the people in your photos (in terms of age, skin colour, body mass, etc.); can I attend or will I feel like an outcast?

10 years of experience prove that who you are in your personal life has little significance when you come into the space of transformation. We’ve had people from all walks of life, all sizes, all races, all ages (from 17 to 72). You are very welcome to join.

I’m not in a great state of health. Can I join?

Please indicate your health issues clearly in your application. Although this Training is a very healing experience, it is not therapy. If you have serious mental and psychological issues, we advise you to seek professional help first.

Will I have to get out of my comfort zone during the training?

Sofia’s approach and presence are incredibly soft and gentle. Yet, she will invite you to “stretch” and get out of your comfort zone, because that’s where growth occurs. You will never be forced to do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. You can choose not to participate in certain practices. And your choice will be respected.

Will there be nudity and will I have to get naked?

There may or may not be nudity during the immersion. However, each participant is encouraged to go only as far as it feels correct.

About Sofia and Her Work

Pascale, Spain

Sofia's work has impacted my life, my self-esteem and self-love to an amazing extent.

I am very grateful for you, for your joyous, no-frills, straight-forward personality, the way you honestly share your experiences, and the powerful spaces you hold. You have taken my tantric experiences to a whole different level. Your work has impacted my life, my self-esteem and self-love to an amazing extent, allowing me to then flow seamlessly into meeting men in a different, much more empowered, loving and compassionate way.

Maria Castro, São Paulo, Brasil

Healing at a deep level of my identity, that is what I'm still experiencing.

So much healing occurred and is still occurring by the truthful and respectful way the practices happened. Healing regarding mainly the sense of sacredness of sexuality, nudity and all the truth about ourselves that can come up. At an emotional level, I feel like Letting go and Trust are more natural for me now. In everyday life, some situations and people that seemed quite relevant for me before the retreat.. seem to have "shrinked". I see and feel them in a totally different way now.

Frits Duursma, Netherlands

Travelling with Sofia is something you want to experience

She is so real and courageous. After some days my armor broke and experienced so many emotional releases. All that wasn't serving me got burnt on this trip. Not by doing wild expressive and dynamic meditations but by going inside. In stillness. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to be there for and with the priestesses and witness and experience deep transformation.

Susanne Schwaiger, Germany

There is one single word that keeps appearing in my mind and that is HOLY.

This describes the atmosphere in the temple, the relationships I saw and some of the moments during which I felt that way. Thank you all and especially Sofia for making this possible.

Marc Steinberg, Germany

Especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free

Sofia’s work, her being and maturity create a loving and powerful space in which deep healing, transformational shifts and heart expansion can happen. What I found especially valuable is her ability to keep this space free from preconceived ideas, concepts and ideology. Her focus is on what is right now and right here, and of course on what can be opened up.

Glenna Neece, Sacred Feminine Arts Teacher, Herbalist

Sofia is a gifted leader, embodying what she teaches.

I deeply appreciate the transmission of lineages that I have received from her, and I highly recommend her trainings if you feel called to explore the depths of your femininity, sexuality, shadow, and humanity. Working closely with Sofia for the past two years has served as a potent space to drop into the powers of alchemical transformation within the Womb space. Sofia shows up with a depth and authenticity that is palpable, and from the very first ritual in Module 1 I knew I had found a teacher that resonated with my Heart, and my Womb. I am grateful to Sofia for showing up fully, in all of her beauty, wildness, wisdom, and humanity, for in this connection with a true sister I have felt more courageous to reclaim my Self and share my gifts with the world. Thank you Sofia, I love you!

Jasmine and Surya

It deepened our connection as a couple and improved our relationship in many ways

It was a beautiful and romantic experience for us, it deepened our connection as a couple and improved our relationship in many ways. The environment was very exciting and very safe, encouraging as to understand our boundaries and be clear on how much we wanted to engage in the practices with others. In a busy day to day life it’s hard to find the right time to dedicate to your relationship, it’s easy to be stuck in old habits and a boring routine (even more when you have a child). We would advise every couple to enhance their love in this powerful experience, devoting entire days to you as a couple in a transgressive and heart opening space.

Maria Brüderl, masseur

I love Sofia’s way of teaching

Many things changed through these teachings. I consider myself and my femininity absolutely worthy and beautiful. I could reduce the pain in the muscles of my yoni and the premenstrual syndrome that I was suffering from for a very long time is completely gone. Now I`m very sensitive and I enjoy the softness and the love in my sexuality with a partner or just for myself. I love Sofia’s way of teaching, because it’s very clear and natural. She has a lot of experience and a huge knowledge that she transports in a loving and kind way through her videos. Thank you Sofia. It`s a great awakening call for all of us.

Jan, Belgium

She understands what it means to truly look inside yourself

Sofia is someone who understands what it means to truly look inside yourself, without judgment and rise above any obstacles keeping you from being your true self. Sofia and the tantric lifestyle lets you love yourself without expectations and helps your true self. Shine bright so you can stand in the moment with confidence and an open heart.

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