November 1, 2021

Every time you let go completely, lay your weapons down and surrender to the bliss of being, you fall into the Fire of Love.

Fire of Love is the fire that exists within every beating heart.

It gets amplified once you align with the path of your Dharma and discover your own way to serve Love.

It also gets amplified when you come together in a Union with Beloved.

That’s why relationships are so fascinating to us all, and also challenging at times. We are expanding our energetic capacity to hold even more Fire, even more Love.

The Fire of Love does not consume you, it doesn’t take you on a rollercoaster ride into your childhood patterns.

The Fire of Love illuminates your true Being. The Fire of Love reveals the caverns of your yearning Heart.

Fire of Love training begins in 9 days in Spain. We are going on a journey of a profound exploration of Love: love for self, love for another and Love as our true Home.

We will be meeting in our Temple – the space of accelerated Growth and Transformation. There anything that is not Love burns away and you open to the highest energetic frequency available to you. 

On this frequency you are a match for your biggest desires and even things you don’t dare to dream about.

This is the frequency of true Abundance, this is the frequency where deepest Love and true Magic become possible.

We are still accepting applications.

It will be magnificent, I can feel. ♥️🔥

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