June 1, 2016

Fall…  Fall and fear not to touch the ground.

The ground does not exist.

Because in reality you are falling upwards. You are falling back into yourself.

My being is in a state of continuous expansion. My consciousness is spread over a vastness that feels like the galaxy. My body is constantly turned on without a specific reason. I experience multiple full body orgasms every day even when I don’t have sex. Just an innocent touch of a man makes me suffocate with ecstasy.

I feel fear creeping in. Fear of getting lost in this incredible wave.  To lose identity forever.

Yet I know that what is real can never be lost.

As for the rest… I am ready to let go.

Even more.

Even deeper.

I am ready to die to myself and be alive to You alone.

Hitting the edge.

It is all designed so I see all the places within me where I can trust even deeper.


Forgetting to eat, to sleep, my name, my center.

Floating into expansion beyond what I ever knew was possible.

Surrendering to the intensity of the flow.

A friend said: “I had something similar. When I took LSD”.

That’s it. That’s the way my life is. As if constantly on drugs.

But more intense.

Shakti meets Shiva.

That’s the essence of Sundari.

Bliss of union.

I disappear.

Liberate yourself

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