January 12, 2021

Feeling may sound simple, yet it is the biggest shadow area for men in general. In fact feeling is a great portal into your Great Power and the fundamental Truth of who you are. Your woman is the agent of your empowerment and liberation and through feeling her you can get to feel the depth of Existence.⁣

To feel means to have a sensation of something, other than by sight, hearing, taste, or smell.⁣

How to feel?⁣

First you need to be really present in the moment. You need to be with yourself. Then you include your woman into your field of awareness. Try feeling her from a distance and observe your experience. How do you experience her when she is in another location, kilometres away? How do you experience her when she is in another room? How about when she is a few meters away from you? And when she is in your immediate proximity?⁣

It is like meditation with eyes open.⁣

If you incorporate this into your daily life, your relationship will be greatly impacted by it, because you will be more in tune with each other. But this is rather a beautiful side effect. Because what you are really doing is cultivating your awareness. Through that you grow in consciousness. This will benefit all aspects of your life. ⁣

This is an excerpt from my book “The Key to the Feminine Mystery”. Download it for free here.

Photo by @vladlen_lysenko

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