September 17, 2020

Do you know that every woman has a power within her that can draw in ANY man?⠀

That’s the power of magnetism. Women who know how to rest in their feminine are magnetic by definition.⠀

Mind you: although an essential (and natural) power to tap into, magnetism is not enough to have the man choose you over and over again, every single day. It is not what makes men stay. ⠀

A very common feedback I get from women who have completed modules of the Priestess School is that once they come back home suddenly men start reaching out, and not any men! Those good “conscious” men. ⠀

It’s no magic. It’s the result of deep inner work on activating our energy body and our inner radiance. Women who are oozing radiance are deeply alluring. ⠀

Once our magnetic field is activated we naturally draw in things and people that truly resonate with us. Without much effort. This is the real secret of the feminine/yin know-how. And it really works. ⠀

We release the protective facade, rest in the softness and open to really receiving. ⠀

In that we are letting ourselves be carried by Love.⠀

It is rare to meet a person who is so soft yet powerful in that softness; a person who has released old conditioning and demands for the world.⠀

There are various ways to activate our radiance, but nothing works as quickly and directly as specific work on activating our sexuality and de-shaming the inner slut. ⠀

We touch on it in module 1, and go very deep in module 2 of the Priestess School. ⠀

Once the inner fire is fully ignited, in module 3 we are ready for the next step: what are the dynamics between the Masculine and Feminine that have outlived themselves and how do we really need to show up to let Love in.⠀

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