September 24, 2014

Many women want to have a relationship that brings them joy and makes them feel complete. Often we have mental ideas about the person we want to see next to us, but what we really want is someone to match us, who will make us feel held and will help us grow.

It is a natural desire and each woman deserves it. Yet often before we can really be in such a relationship we need to do some work on ourselves. Even if we are in a relationship – it is a work in progress, and if we want to make it work long term, we should never stop working on it and on ourselves.

I wanted to have a relationship ever since I turned 7. Seriously! And attracting a man has never been difficult for me. It is a natural know-how that I have. Although these relationships never gave me much, but took a lot. It was rather a vicious circle of self destruction. What I was struggling with for a long time was attracting the right person for me.

Once I started doing a lot of transformational work, I came to realize that.

The first thing we can do to attract a relationship is to be in a healthy relationship with ourselves.

And yes, it takes some perseverance to get there. And as women one thing that will take us there is understanding and owning our femininity.

The Feminine or the Yin way of being is very different to the way people normally get things done – the pushy, competitive, graspy way. Which is in its essence a masculine approach. And it is very useful, but it shouldn’t be the only way we operate.

To be able to let things come to us, to engage the flow in our life we need to be based in our femininity. It’s not about doing, it’s a non-doing. A passively-active way of attracting thing. I am not saying “passive”, because it’s not that you sit and do nothing. You do something, but in a non-doing way. It is an art, really.

It’s important to develop this yin side to get in touch with the Feminine. And it is not easy.

But when we master it – that’s when transformation happens and that’s when we can attract a relationship that we want.

Because according to the law of polarity, the minus attracts the plus and the more we are in our feminine state the more chances we have to attract the masculine.

Once I had mastered these feminine qualities I was able to attract a relationship that I wanted in my life. It was like magic, really. Once I started my process of transformation and embracing my femininity it  took only a couple of months until I met a man who I eventually married.

I’ve learnt a lot about feminine know-how, it is something that I have in me and I want to pass it on to other women.

Because I know how empowering it is to truly own our femininity.

Mostly when people talk about femininity, they refer to cosmetics, clothes, losing weight…

Femininity is not about that.

True femininity is about shining from inside out.

When I speak about the Goddess within I’m talking about the force of nature that creates the whole manifestation. The Force, the Shakti…

The Sacred Feminine power, the Mother of the Yin know-how.

If I hadn’t developed my relationship with this Force, I would never be able to attract the Man I really wanted in my life, somebody who can match me in my depth…

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