October 19, 2020

Relationships have always been a big thing in my life. I’ve explored various types of relationships including monogamy, polyamory, marriage, several phases of prolonged celibacy by choice, multiple superficial relationships, co-dependency, sex buddies, same gender… to name a few.⠀

I’ve been through some deeply painful heartbreaks, I had to hurt people that loved me, several times go through incredible mess… and somewhere in the ruins of what was I’ve found myself, again and again.⠀

I know that nothing was a mistake because every experience brought an opportunity for a tremendous growth for me.⠀
Now I know that our intimate relationships hold the Key for most harmonious meeting between the Masculine and the Feminine. Between the powers of Structure and Aliveness, Control and Chaos, Freedom and Love.⠀

When we mature in our ways of relating to each other, we shift the unhealthy paradigm that we’ve been slaves to for too long.⠀

We’ve just completed an absolutely epic final module of the Priestess School and many of the women who were there are continuing to the next training – Fire of Love.⠀

It’s taking place next month on the coast of beautiful Portugal. We will have a gender balance but it’s open for both: singles and couples.⠀

We have a few spots for women, but mostly it’s a warm invitation for Men.⠀

Come, dear brother. You have nothing to lose. Let the Fire of Love bring you to what you have never dreamt to become.

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