March 22, 2016

In their hearts all men want nothing more than to see women happy.

Do you find it surprising?

Observe the men around you.

Observe that when you need something and if you ask them: “Can you help me?” They will answer: “Yes, how?”. Or: “Can you do something for me?” The answer is often: “Yes, what?”

Even if the task is very difficult for them, if it is very clear exactly what a woman needs, most men will really do anything possible to make that happen. Often we simply need to allow them to do it.

And let them feel empowered by it, actually.
Because it is empowering to feel that what we have to offer is received.

In times of intensity I witness myself reaching out for the masculine for support and protection.

September… After a fight with my brother – I’m crying and yelling in the middle of a busy street in Moscow and the first thing I’m reaching for is my phone and calling Dad. He picks up immediately and my extreme feminine energy (wild emotions, strong energy) in that moment places him into the most masculine mode I’ve ever known him in. It is hard for him to understand what am I saying because I am being choked by my own tears. Yet he is embodying pure consciousness and straightens me up with utmost confidence and calmness.

I’m in awe. I open up. Deep gratitude.

About 2 months ago… Breaking up with a Scorpio is probably one of the most intense things that can ever happen to a human being. Receiving revenge. It hits so hard and deep, I am incapable of moving my body – frozen on the couch where I have just received the latest chapter of this soap opera via email. Crying, loudly. Next thing I do – reach out to a man I’m in contact with.

And then – oh thank god – my dear male friend E. who I am staying with comes back home. And holds a heart space for me as I do all that I need to do (cry, yell, speak, swear).

These are a couple of powerful examples, but I am constantly touched by men around me, by their deep care and support.

And really, it is so much about allowing them do it.

Generally we don’t express enough appreciation for men, we tend to take things for granted and not acknowledge them for the magnificent warriors that they really are. Or we just think that it is so obvious that we appreciate them that there is no need to express it.

And yet it is so important for them to feel that acknowledgement, validation by the feminine; to hear about even the tiniest things that contribute to our happiness. Every man wants to be a hero. And when he doesn’t believe he is… He feels emasculated.

I appreciate so deeply every time men don’t give up, when they show their heart and their courage, when they go for things that actually scare them… I love how deep in their hearts men just want to see women happy. And I love the deep masculine essence of every man.

I invite you to express your appreciation to at least 5 men this week. And be generous with words, express it clearly, elaborately, give examples of things that touch you.

Let’s contribute to the magic of this world.

Image credit: deviantAR

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