June 26, 2019

The best scenario for day one of your period is to just lie in bed all day. Because that’s when you lose the most blood (and therefore – vital force) and if you move and agitate yourself – you will be losing even more.
I will share soon why (and how) we should try to bleed as little as possible. But today I want to share about the most awesome way to bleed – it’s called Free Bleeding.
Free Bleeding is the practice of menstruating without blocking or collecting the period flow.
Our menstrual flow is not constant.
A woman can become so connected to her womb that she feels exactly when she needs to release the blood. In that moment she goes into nature, squats and releases the blood to the Earth (ideally).
If a woman lives away from nature, she can simply release the blood into the toilet. Up until that moment she will squeeze the muscles of her cervix and hold the blood. That’s it!
If you are keen, try it at home first. And when you go out a small reusable pad will keep you safe for times where there is no bathroom around.
There is nothing healthy about using conventional pads and tampons – they are made out of bleached synthetic materials which is not only unsafe health wise but also contributes to unpleasant odour.
On top of that the use of conventional hygiene methods promotes the idea that there is something dirty about menstruation. When there is absolutely nothing dirty about it.
Plus, if you free bleed the amount of the blood you lose will diminish and the length of your period will shorten.

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