September 22, 2021

I started facilitating events in 2012, when I was 26. People were telling me I was a natural born leader, they couldn’t believe I had just started teaching and that I was so young.

Now, 9 years later, I hold people in a completely different level of depth.

Not specifically because of my age and experience. But because of the amount of challenges I’ve had to navigate. And because of how much closer I am to my own self, and how much more Love I am capable of.

Whenever I’ve had to navigate a major challenge in my life… although it was very difficult in the process, I emerged on the other side with so much more wealth.

Wealth of experience.
Wealth of wisdom.
And most importantly – wealth of love.

Love and compassion for myself. Love and compassion for people around me. It’s because of some major challenges that I had to face in my Life in the last few years, my leadership has gone to a completely new level.

I’ve been through divorce, leaving someone despite the love that was still there, making radical and very uncomfortable choices because my Soul Calling was inviting this, I’ve been through a relationship with someone who couldn’t see or love me (or himself), I’ve had my butt kicked by my own patterns and childhood trauma that I was oblivious to, I’ve been through completely unexpected betrayal, I’ve been through disillusionment, I’ve had very challenging clients, I’ve been through having to tell people I cared about that there was no more space for them in my life, I’ve been through multiple deaths of my own ego, I’ve been through depression and anxiety, I’ve been through disconnection from my mission and being very close to quitting after having created so much…

I’ve been through times of great confusion and I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learnt from every single one of them.

And in the end… every experience I’ve had brought me deeper into my own heart.

That’s what this whole journey is really about: getting stabilized within our own Heart.

Remember this: Whatever you are experiencing right now, no matter how challenging it is, will soon become a part of your power, the wisdom of your heart and your expertise.

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