September 17, 2020

The Feminine is the one that feels and understands life in an intuitive way. She knows the ways of the Heart. The Feminine guides energy by inviting it into the vast, spacious field of Life, that emerges from the wisdom of Her womb. At the core, the Feminine is the Great Mother, of the Goddess.⠀

It is Her return that we’ve been waiting for, and it is the lack of Her ways that created the disasters that we are facing on the planet at this time.⠀

The Feminine is a fierce and wild force. It is what gave birth to all creation. The Feminine is not about women and their stories — the Feminine is about ALL of us.⠀

It is about how we can LIVE fully in this world.It is about coming back from disconnect and disembodiment to connection and aliveness.⠀

When the Feminine feels unprotected, she withdraws her blessings of abundance, love and joy from us.⠀

The Masculine is about providing, protecting, giving, initiating, and making decisions.⠀

A man’s supreme task is to become conscious of consciousness itself and embody the divine will that holds the atoms together, that keeps the planets and stars on their course.⠀

What allows the Feminine to shine is when she feels that she can rest on an unwavering presence. In your presence, her vulnerability will feel protected. That’s exactly what gives a sense of safety to the feminine. ⠀

What distinguishes men from boys is that men are responsible for their actions, their power and the impact they have on the people around them. Responsibility means carrying the weight of decision, and it demands courage. This courage to hold responsibility and protect the vulnerability of the Feminine, is a true sign of the awakened Masculine.⠀

If a man is mature in his masculinity, all of the above comes from the space of an unwavering presence. He is not impulsive, and does not need to control or be acknowledged and validated.⠀

When a feminine woman feels this conscious presence, she will open and bless him and all of us.

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