July 7, 2019

We all have a major assignment.
We need to find a meeting point for the Feminine and the Masculine.

We have been confused for so long. We have been struggling, fighting, internally and externally.
When this confusion is over it will bring an end to wars on this planet. Because the war starts inside of us.
It spreads to our relationships with others. It spreads to our neighbourhoods. It spreads to nations.
It spreads to unseen realms.

The Feminine has been bashed for centuries. This has resulted in contaminated oceans,
and shame around expression and sexuality. It has resulted in rigidity and stiffness.

Lately, we have become aware that we need to give voice to the Feminine.
However, a danger has also become apparent: we can let this pendulum swing too far to the other side.

Sisters, this is not about calling out men.

It is about calling them into the vulnerability of our hearts.

Beloved, please have the courage to enter yourself.
The deeper you enter yourself, the deeper you enter me.
Please have the courage to feel your fear.
Please have the courage to trust this Life and the gifts she is placing at your door.
Please have the courage to be transparent and communicate directly to me about anything that is relevant
for our connection.

I will not judge or blame you. Instead I will invite you deeper into my Heart.

Once you enter me, a part of you is in me. And it is extremely beautiful.

Because I wish to hold you.

I am the Mother to all children. I am able to hold all of the grief, fear and pain of this world.
In holding you and all of humanity… in fact, I am holding myself.

If you wish to receive my full opening, I am willing to offer it to you.
I am yearning to receive you completely.
From my total opening I become a channel, an abundant river of divine nectar.
My radiant body will hold you in exquisite love and help you reveal your deepest gifts.

Take me, beloved. Drink from my spring. I am at your service and it is an honour to meet you and be with
you in such a sacred way.

Yet I am not going to hide from you that this openness comes with a profound responsibility, for both of us.

It is our responsibility to honour that which has been gifted to us.

It is our responsibility to honour our sacred meeting.

It is my responsibility to open my heart to my true vulnerability and find true caring for me, for you, for us
and for humankind.
Only then can I find clarity.
Only then will I stop becoming lost in projections of my dreams and expectations.
Only then can I communicate to you the true knowing of my womb.

It is your responsibility to find a way to open your heart even through fear and hesitation… and hold my
heart the way you would hold yours.

Because a part of you is forever in me. And in holding me, you are holding you.

In this profound vulnerability where we abandon our beliefs and concepts…

We flow back into the Ocean of Existence.

This assignment is not easy. We have millennia of programming to overcome. And even that we can hold
in love.

Because it is time for that.

Beloved, it is time.

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