November 30, 2021

This year a big shift happened in my being and it deeply impacted my Work.

As result of it I needed to have a big reset of people in my field, I removed myself from most environments I was a part of and I closed all my groups. Because I knew that if you chose to walk with me me even just a year ago… I’ve changed direction. That version of me is no longer here. And those who wanted to keep walking together, chose me again, yet anew.

It took me a moment to truly accept, own and even fall in love with the dynamism of my personality as reflection of my Dharma.

My path has been incredibly fast. Ever changing, ever creative, ever deepening, not letting my Soul Fire settle…

I started teaching when I was 26 (and that’s very early) and at first there was so much Grace… I was walking in darkness (sometimes literally), sometimes falling, then rising again and always being held and protected.

Life took me to my edge so many times. It often didn’t seem like a fair game. It often didn’t seem that I could navigate my way through all the experiences I’ve had. And yet I’ve lead myself through all rough edges and profound growth occurred at exponential speed.

I have absolutely no regrets. On the contrary, I know that even during the roughest moments I was being prepared for something extraordinary.

Those who’ve been growing together with me – I love you more than you know!
Those who have freshly found me and are feeling deeply aligned – you are so welcome here!
And those who do not feel connected anymore – I thank you for the journey we’ve had and I wish you well, and if at any point in future you want to reconnect again – I’m excited for what that may look like!

I’m curious: what makes you feel connected to me, why are you here? ♥️

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