January 14, 2021

Before you heal you find offence in almost everything other people do. ⠀

Once you heal you know that actions of others have nothing to do with you. ⠀

Our past impacts our present. ⠀

Through our lives we keep attracting situations that can either re-traumatise us or catalyze our healing. ⠀

Your soul wants your healing – but the question is whether your personality is ready for it too.⠀

A big step that every person should take is to become aware of the wounds of your childhood. Once you start looking into it you will become mesmerised. Your whole life starts to make sense. All the pain starts to make sense. All situations you’ve attracted in your life start to make sense.⠀

Until this is done there will always be triggers in your life that will just pull you in, at times they will immobilise you, other times you will feel completely obsessed. You will keep transferring the needs that didn’t get met by your parents to people around you. ⠀

The next step is to understand how you can heal those wounds. What you can do by yourself, what you need help of a therapist for and what your loved ones can do for you.⠀

The third step is to implement those things, every day.⠀

These steps are made not only for the sake of your own evolution, but for the evolution of humankind. Until we do this we will keep hurting those around us, usually without realising it -> thinking that it’s others who keep hurting us. ⠀

The humankind is on the verge of a big breakthrough. There are great forces that are opposing it and making it more challenging. These forces are not scary monsters who rule the world, these forces are inside of each of us.

Photo by @vladlen_lysenko

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