June 1, 2021

Your Yoni will be healthy when you are healthy. You are healthy when your immune system is strong.

Although the Yoni is such a powerful place that you can keep exploring her throughout your life, she is not separate from you as a human being.

So when you are healthy, when your body is in a good state, with the right pH balance, and the energy levels, the yin and yang in your body are all harmonious, then, of course, that will result in a healthy Yoni.

What really matters is your nutrition.

Make sure to include lots of ​green leaves​ in your diet. This is very healthy. The greens increase your pH balance and therefore improve the immune system.

Eliminating refined sugar is very good for women’s health and the overall state of health in your body and your tissues. I highly recommend that you cut it out completely and only use natural sweeteners if you need them.

If you have any candida issues or any kind of recurring infection, try to eliminate all sugars (including fruits and grains) completely out of your diet for some time. This type of cleanse might be all you need. You will also be surprised to find out that your energy levels increase! As you eliminate sugar, add more protein and healthy fats to your diet. Then you will enter into a special metabolic state called ketosis. When you are in ketosis your body no longer needs sugar to produce energy, but it receives much more sustainable energy from fat and protein. I recommend following this type of diet to most women, for 3-6 months. It has had a wildly positive effect on my health and on the health and hormonal balance of many of my clients.

Dairy is not a healthy choice for anyone. It is rich in protein, which is the good thing we can get from it, but it’s incredibly acidic. High acidity in our body is always a cause for health issues.

Another thing that I encourage you to ​eliminate is soy​, which is full of female hormones. Some forms of soy are better (fermented soy such as Tempeh or miso) and could be really good for you. But most other types act as hormone disruptors because they trick your body into believing that you are producing those hormones and then the whole system gets out of whack.

Your Yoni has a self-cleansing mechanism and all her secretions, all her smells are totally natural, healthy and delicious if you are in a good state of health.

Here are several natural cleansing processes that are great for your yoni.

  1. Cucu-soothing
    Take a cucumber, peel it and insert it inside your Yoni, then twist it a few times. Cucumber juices are very beneficial and alkalizing for the Yoni. Doing it from time to time will be really soothing and beneficial, especially if your yoni tends to get itchy or irritated.
  2. Another great thing to try is a Yoni steam. This is a very pleasant and relaxing practice which really opens your whole pelvic floor.

One thing that you need to be aware of regarding the Yoni steam, is that some women notice that if they do them regularly and then they stop doing them, their period is very painful and heavy next time. I haven’t experienced that myself.

It is a wonderful practice that is also recommended if you have any kinds of cysts or fibroids in your reproductive organs.

3.​ Another great alternative is the sitz bath.

For this you need a big basin and then you prepare your herbs in a similar way to the Yoni steam. But then you pour the liquid into the basin. Make it the appropriate temperature for you to sit in. Then create a nice atmosphere for yourself, sit in your basin and enjoy.

An added benefit of the sitz bath is that you are sitting in the water element which is very soothing and brings you into a relaxed state and the connection with the yin state of being –  relaxation. It has a downward pulling effect.

Both those methods, the Yoni steam and the sitz bath are really wonderful. Just see which one is calling you more and do try them.

If you tend to manifest the yeast infection, Candida Thrush, I really recommend not referring to synthetic medicine or antibiotics or even suppositories that have antibiotics inside, because they only suppress the issue. And then it tends to manifest again and again.

It is actually best to allow the process because it is a cleansing. If these issues manifest, it means something is stimulated in your body and system and something wants to be released in that way.

There are some natural methods that you can use that can help you tremendously and very fast as well. But try and play with different ones.

You have to start from your whole body and again regain a healthy immune system and make sure that the body is in a good acid alkaline balance.

– Drinking vinegar water – take two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (raw is the best) and  drink it a few times a day, definitely in the mornings and then throughout the day. That could really help you replenish your immune system because infections indicate a low immune system.

– What you can put directly in the Yoni is ​garlic​. Take a clove of garlic, peel it, make a small cut on each end, then dip it into olive oil and put it inside the Yoni and keep it there for a couple of hours and then change it. This trick might do miracles. You can also leave it in overnight and that might clear everything very fast.

– Another thing you can do is ​to use yoghurt​. Yes, dairy yogurt. But try to have a biological one and then take a scoop and place it into your Yoni. That could also be very soothing. And if there is any kind of itchiness going on it will soothe it, yoghurt is really great for that.

– You could also use aloe vera. It’s a magical plant, has amazing properties, but not all aloe veras are healing. There is only one type which is actually healing.

Peel off the skin of the aloe vera and you’re left with pure flesh; take a little piece and place it into your Yoni. It’s very soothing and has wonderful healing properties. There are also gels made of aloe vera, but it’s best if you have access to that specific aloe vera that comes directly from nature.

– Some women tend to manifest ​UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection), cystitis or bladder infection​ and it seems that if you have had it once, it might keep coming back.

For quick relief you can use ​a supplement called D-Mannose or cranberry pills or cranberry juice​, just make sure they don’t contain sugar. Some strains of these bacteria respond very quickly and effectively to these remedies.

Definitely if you have a UTI or any kind of urinary issue or candida, don’t do the Yoni egg exercises during that time but do the Yoni purification practices.

They are great for these conditions and will help you clear them out faster.

– ​Probiotics and prebiotics are great to take daily and can do lots of good things to you and to your immune system.

They are also found in fermented foods.

You can also insert them into your Yoni together with coconut oil.

– Coconut oil is great, it has all those antifungal, antiviral properties. Together with leaving the probiotic capsule in overnight, it’s something really nice to do for your Yoni and she will be grateful for that.

If you have recurring conditions, something that keeps coming back or a chronic condition, then you may definitely wanna look at your immune system.

If something is there and you have been battling it for years or for a long time you may very well have parasites so don’t be scared of that; many, many people have them and have no idea about it and they can cause all sorts of uncomfortable issues in the body.

Modern alternative medicine has ways to deal with those as well. Something that I find highly effective is Biomagnetic Therapy, for example. And there are other things as well.

One very important thing that I would like to emphasize is breathwork. Doing it daily and regularly will provide an amazing benefit for you. It will boost your immune system and help you to remove everything that is not doing you good in your body more quickly.

If you want to dive deeper into Sacred Femininity and learn amazing ancient Priestess Wisdom and Practices, you are welcome to join my online course Activated Woman.

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