June 25, 2019

My arms, my whole chest is tingling.

The amount of love I feel for you is bursting from every pore, from the very core of me, in the very core of my heart I feel you.

In the very core of your heart I feel me. The waves of orgasmic pleasure emerge from the Center of my chest.

It’s a little painful, as if cells are bursting open.

Contraction and expansion are happening at the same time.

Life. Is happening. Right now.

I’m letting the waves of love wash through and I feel as if my heart is growing bigger with every breath.

I feel I am becoming Heart.

With every its beat the whole space resonates with a pulse.

My tears are rolling down my cheeks like waterfall, I feel so much joy.

“This is so beautiful. I will never forget this.” You say.

I wake up feeling your beautiful body tremble in my arms, through my sleep I heard you moan. “I am here with you, my love,” – I say, and pull you closer to me.

“There is an explosion of love, like the Sun in my heart. I love you so much.”

Explosion of the Sun in your heart…

You are the Universe.

Millions of Suns explode within you.

I am so blessed to meet the Universe of you.

And to dance in the Universe of us.

How is it humanly possible to love like that?

Have I ever loved before?

Have I ever not loved you?

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