October 26, 2017

Women have a very sacred place within them. It’s called the womb.

Simply physiologically speaking, it is a pretty incredible place. Think about it: a woman can receive a seed and convert it into a human.

A woman can receive a soul and convert it into a human.


And as if that were not enough, there is even more magic to the womb.

Energetically the womb is a powerhouse. It generates energy.

It also can open, invite and contain.

A womb can hold.

Women who don’t  have a physical womb still have all the power of their energetic womb.

In some spiritual traditions it is said that a woman has a bigger capacity for high states of consciousness because she has access to the power of her womb.

What is incredibly powerful is a woman who owns the magic of her womb.

This woman is a healer.

She can offer an energetic presence that is incredibly nourishing. It’s a power of motherhood that doesn’t mean that you need to be a mother who has given birth.

We have this capacity regardless of whether we choose to have children or not.

A woman can be a mother to all children.

A woman can act as a nest. As a cradle.

It is different from holding space as pure presence. Holding someone in the womb space has a deep feminine feel to it.

This does not mean that she will be a mother in a relationship. The more we bring consciousness to different aspects of our personality, the less they overwhelm us, and the less they create undesired situations.No woman wants to become a mother to her man. It is not what I recommend.

However you can be a wild woman, a little girl, a sacred slut, a mother, a trusted friend and so much more… all at once!

The secret is to highlight all these parts within you by doing conscious work on them. Bringing them forward, getting to know them, getting to love them.

And then, even during the wildest lovemaking, a woman can also open her energetic womb space and invite her beloved to rest in that space…

To drop his weapons, the ones he as a man has learnt to carry since he was a little child.

To relieve his sorrows.

To feel safe to cry.

To be vulnerable and in that reveal his deepest heart to you… and to the world.

Once he does that… there is no more need for fights. There are no more games. There is pure simplicity of heart.

Holding a womb space is very natural for women, and it doesn’t usually take too long to get there. There might be initial resistance, and feeling awkward. But it usually passes quickly.

It might be very challenging for men, though. Especially as many men have unresolved issues with their mother, which may result in a lack of trust in the feminine.

If a man learns how to nest within a woman’s womb this mistrust can be completely healed.

So here is a simple practice for you to try. You can do it with your partner or a friend that you feel safe with.

The woman will sit on a bed/sofa with her back leaning against a wall, so she is very comfortable.
The man will lay in her lap with his head close to her womb, facing her body.
The woman will place her hands on him and gently hold him.
Both will keep silence and synchronise their breath. As the woman inhales, the man inhales. As she exhales, he exhales.
Take 10 minutes to stay like that.

The woman will feel/imagine that her womb is becoming spacious, big enough to hold his entire body.

It’s becoming softer and softer with each breath…

The man will be focusing on the breath, and with every exhale – letting go.
Exhale and let go of the need to understand what’s going on and why you are doing this.
Exhale and let go of thoughts of the past.
Exhale and let go of thoughts of the future.
Exhale and let go of tension in your belly, neck, face and pelvis.
Exhale and let go of the need to do anything…

If the woman feels inspired, she can gently speak to the man about everything that she appreciates about him.

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