Some people in your life are going to be like hot coals. They will burn the edges of your wings. They will ⠀
leave marks on your feet. They will leave a few holes in your heart. ⠀
It will take some time to come back to your fullness after such encounters. It will hurt. It will take time to ⠀
heal. It will take time to forgive yourself for getting addicted to something that was destructive. It will take ⠀
time to not cringe upon hearing their name. ⠀
But later, once you’ve licked your wounds and healed your heart, you will realise that without learning to ⠀
walk on hot coals your life could never be that bright. ⠀
Your heart can never know true compassion until you get really burnt. ⠀
Yes, it is traumatic to be with someone who cannot really see you, who doesn’t hear your song, who ⠀
doesn’t understand your heart. ⠀
Yes, you deserve better. ⠀
Yes, it is an important experience to have – to be unseen by someone you care about so much. ⠀
Yes, you deserve better. ⠀
No, you are not a victim. ⠀
Yes, you can forgive. ⠀
Yes, you can forgive yourself. ⠀
Yes, you can forgive yourself. ⠀
Yes, you can come to a place of acceptance, softness and love. ⠀
Yes, it takes time to process. ⠀
No, you don’t have to hold the burden of being mistreated. ⠀
Yes, you can choose love no matter what. ⠀
Let’s do this together. ⠀
Because we can.

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