August 6, 2021

“Which course should I take, there are so many!?”, “Which facilitator should I trust, everyone seems to be speaking about the same thing, but who’s the real deal?”

I often hear questions like these. And also: “What do you think about drinking alcohol, v-xines, doing this or that practice, using this or that crystal wand…” and more and more questions from people who are feeling confused by abundance of things to choose from.

Modern life is designed in a way that disconnects us from our inherent inner knowing. On daily basis and from a very early age we are exposed to information and a way of living that creates a dissonance between what we feel to be true and what is supposed to be true.

No wonder we have an epidemic of people disconnected from themselves and not being able to tap into the true direction their souls came here to follow!

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you know me, you know that my worldview is very different to what’s common. I love when people resonate with it and feel recognised and met by my words and transmission. I call these people my “soul family”. ♡

At the same time you also know that I never tell you what you should choose, what is right and what is wrong.

My mission is much deeper than that.

I am here for Love, Truth and recognition of Eternal Freedom as the innermost essence of human nature.
Everything I do is dedicated to that.

And what Love wants is that we remember that we have all answers within us.

✧ You are invited to remember yourself.
In that, you are remembering Love.

How does the space of the real You feel?

Feel these words, my friend.

Feel where they are inviting you.
Go there.
Rest there.

And then… whatever question you have on your mind, ask yourself and listen.

Listen carefully.
Listen closely.
Listen so attentively – no thoughts move.
Only feeling remains.
Here you know the answer.
It is right here, in the silent knowing of your heart.
In the deep wisdom of your liberated body.
You don’t need to make an extensive research to know what’s right for you.
Come out of numbness.
Come back to feeling.

That’s it.

Liberate yourself

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