September 2, 2019

If only the “spiritual” women had a clue of how deeply manipulation is engrained in their system, they’d understand why no “spiritual” man sticks around.

You can actually use certain techniques to attract a partner.

But the problem is unless you are really clear within yourself – that partner will either not be a match or he/she won’t stick!

Because it’s not about techniques or magic. It’s about cultivating real deep clarity within yourself.

To attract the right partner all you can do is cultivate your honest inner work, and become so clear within yourself that you VIBRATE with the frequency that you want to attract.

When your frequency vibrates on the level that is authentic to who you know yourself to be (beneath layers of stuff that needs to be looked at), then you attract exactly that.

There’s no random stuff in your life. Nothing is an accident. Your inner state determines the choices that you make and the people that you attract.

If you have nonsense around you, it’s because you have nonsense within you.

In fact, even the need for the “right” partner may be keeping that partner away from you. Because focusing on that need is another way of trying to manipulate Life. You’re much more likely to attract all the “right” things when you release the grip of needing them.

And instead focus on the River of your Life, exactly as it is, right now, choosing expansion, choosing greater and greater freedom.

The bullshit we witness in the world is the reflection of where we are at, individually and collectively. All this has to be brought to the surface, so hopefully there will come a moment when we won’t be able to bear the stink anymore.

And wake up from the nightmare of self obsession and self righteousness.


And start Living, in radical self responsibility, honesty and trust, one step at a time.


Photo by Nathan Mcbride on Unsplash

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