January 12, 2021

Most of my life I thought my childhood was wonderful. About 10 years ago I realised that I got a bit wounded by a couple of things.⠀
And this year I realised that I’ve had every imaginable trauma growing up.⠀

From emotional and physical abuse to inappropriate touch, abandonment and many others.⠀

As children we are not able to identify things as traumatic. We simply have no other choice but to accept things as they are. We develop coping mechanisms (the most common of those is freeze – read numbness) and live our lives to the best of our ability. Subconsciously we have a lot of beliefs internalised as result of those traumatic experiences and these beliefs create our reality.⠀

Only when we grow up and develop our consciousness enough to be able to bear the pain of feeling the depth of all the wounds that happened in our childhood, we can identify things as traumatic. ⠀

If you see your trauma it doesn’t mean you are broken, it is not an excuse to stay in your patterns. If you see your trauma it means you can shift it. ⠀

The amount of heavy stuff that I experienced as a child and later on, plus an incredible darkness that’s been held in my ancestral lineage… all this could be a prescription for a horrendous life. ⠀

However I am looking at my life in wonder. I managed to create an exquisite life. This life is full of Grace. ⠀

Despite all the darkness that I lived in for the major part of my life, here’s what I know.⠀

I know that Light is much more powerful than darkness. ⠀
Because of Light everything else even exists. ⠀
It’s the Light that allows us to see the darkness itself and everything else. ⠀
If we dare to stay connected to our hearts even when everything around us seems to be inviting us to harden, we let the Light in.⠀
When we let the Light in we become available for the support of Angels and other Beings of Light.⠀

They are all around us, they are really willing to help. We just need to turn up and ask.⠀

Ask for help. Whatever is going on for you. Open your arms, turn your face upwards towards the sky and ask for help.⠀

It works.⠀

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