July 1, 2019

An embodied person is a rare and precious gem.

We only become embodied when we drop all the nonsense that we have picked up from society.

The nonsense includes: what our bodies should look like, how pleasure should feel and how to live our life.

We become embodied when we fully choose to accept and love this form that we have incarnated into. An embodied person is soft and relaxed in his/her body.

Such a person is magnetic, you naturally feel drawn to them…What happens once we “land” into this body is even more fascinating.

A fully activated body becomes a temple, a space where you turn to connect with the Divine.

Then we start looking for (and finding!) answers inside rather than outside of ourselves.

Ok… But how? I can write endlessly about the body. And you can read endlessly about it.

But the real thing about tapping into the true wisdom of the body can only be experienced.

That’s what we are going to do during “Divine Eros” Immersion.

Ready for this?

Come join us.

The spirit is always talking to you. It is talking through your sensations, through things that you see and hear, as if accidentally… It is talking to you through synchronicities.

Through your emotions.

Through your inner knowing.

Through your instinct. It is talking to you through your own eyes that you see in the mirror.

It is talking to you through the eyes of others.

The spirit is always talking.

But… are you listening?

Photo by Jodie DS taken in Module 2 of Priestess School in Ibiza, May 2019

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