March 29, 2019

It happens to all of us. We collapse. It actually must happen from time to time. If it doesn’t, we are probably not allowing ourselves to truly be human.
And then you may find yourself in crisis.
It’s one thing to go there willingly and choose to do it for the sake of cracking layers and transforming, and a completely different one – to indulge into those emotions and become a victim believing that things are happening TO you.
I have been having my crises at least once per year. And each time I’d collapse really badly. It might be confusing for people around – “why do you fall so low?” But for me these experiences are really important.
As much as I don’t enjoy the experience itself, each time I emerge way more truthful and empowered.
So here are some well tested and proven Sundari guidelines if you are finding yourself dwelling on the edge of the abyss:


1. Give yourself permission to feel it.
Really feel what’s going on. Without getting wrapped in the story or the reason why you feel the way you feel. Just being with what is – is gold.
Note: thinking about it and feeling it are two different things. To really feel something you need to feel it in your body.
Another option is writing – expressing your stream of consciousness on paper (not digitally), without filters.


2. Channel the darkness into creativity.
This is potent! I’ve written some powerful pieces exactly during the times of hitting rock bottom.


3. Ask for help.
This is not as hard as it seems. Reaching out to people who you know will be able to hold you and feel you is one thing. It is really precious to hold space for someone’s vulnerability. It really connects us. My closest friends are the ones who’ve held me in my darkest darkness.
Sometimes these people won’t be available or receptive to you when you need them most. And that’s ok. Because help doesn’t necessarily need to come in a form that you want it. What is more important is that you turn to your spirit, your heart, your soul and ask IT for help. When I do that things start shifting almost immediately. And help comes in the most perfect ways.
Don’t demand help, rather make yourself vulnerable, available and open.


4. Move and touch your body.
When we don’t move the body our energy can’t move and therefore emotions can’t flow.
Another great option is going for bodywork/massage. Osteopaths can do some great adjustments that will allow your energy flow freer.


5. Go in nature. Unplug.
Cancel all commitments for the day. You deserve this.
The times of collapse are as vital as times of high. You are capable of moving through it, even if at times it will seem as if you are not.
You are simply facing your shadow, and when you don’t look at it it doesn’t disappear.
Facing it makes you real, trustworthy and truly compassionate.
Facing your shadow expands your capacity to hold light in this world like nothing else.
Remember this: YOU ARE LOVED AND HELD AT ALL TIMES … even when you cannot feel it. And here’s one more thing: The most powerful people are the ones who are willing to fall. Because they learnt how to rise.

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