November 30, 2018

There are lots of strategies that you can learn to get the attention of someone you like. There are even so-called “pick up artists” that spend their entire lives mastering these kinds of tricks.

You can take classes on how to become the most desirable person ever. You can learn that men like to chase, so better make yourself a little hard to get. You can learn that women will be infinitely more attracted to you if you seduce her best friend first.

You can learn and master all this. And feel like you’ve got it. You may even feel like you’re thriving. For some time.

Until you hit a dead end.

Because at some point you will gather that this type of life is entirely deprived of meaning, because the “high” you get from it is quite superficial and it is always followed by a “low”.

What are the options?

If you choose to seize the games, there is only one option left.

It is called TOTALITY.

In totality you are throwing yourself into the eternal now. The eternal now has no second options, no fire exits, no strategies.

Intotality you just show up, like you are right now, in the vulnerability of your heart.

You let yourself be captivated, be moved by Life.

I think it’s time for us to be radical. I think it’s time to be truthful and authentic in all choices. I think it’s time we dropped the games altogether.

When we drop all the games of seduction and manipulation, all that’s left is the eternal Now and the deep wisdom of life lived moment by moment.

”I’m available for you, anytime,” – a message I sent to someone.

It goes against all the rules of seduction. And that’s my choice. And an invitation to all of us:

If you want to be with someone, be open and direct about it.

If you don’t want to be with someone, be open and direct about it.

It will save you lots of headaches trying to figure out how to get the guy/the girl.

Why not just stay free from all mental masturbation and strategies and be raw, and be real?

Photo by Pien Holdjik

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