October 31, 2017

I know that the subject of this article might sound completely “out there” for many. On the other hand I can’t really imagine anyone not being (at least a little bit) intrigued!
And I will start with this: You can have it all. Anything you want, you can have.
I am not saying this lightly. I absolutely mean this, because this is what is happening in my own life, and in the lives of my students all over the world.
And trust me: it’s not some kind of “hippie stuff”.
I know some highly successful people in this world. I can divide them into two categories:

  1. Those who shine from inside out
  2. And those who don’t

This difference is due to the fact that most highly successful people achieve their success by compromising on the joy and pleasure in their lives. They work hard, but they don’t play. Or they play in ways that don’t foster connection, they just go out and have a few drinks to disassociate themselves from the stress. Which does nothing but numb them out.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

According to Tantra there is one basic energy that fuels the whole being, and that is sexual energy. When that energy is blocked or impeded, not only is our sexual expression affected – our whole life force is diminished and scattered.
When we learn how to activate and move our sexual energy by will, we become not only deeply alive, magnetic and orgasmic, but also incredibly powerful.
And there is a really potent practice, one that has been kept secret for many centuries.
This practice is called Sex Magic.
Sex magic literally means that you use your sexual energy to create magic.
Does it sound pretty “out there” to you?
Wait until you try!
All of us have infinite resources, in truth we are limitless, we don’t have any limits or boundaries, and thus it is just pure logic that we can create anything we want in our lives.
The question is “HOW”?
The short answer is: Through the power of Tantic practices and rituals
For now I can only give you a hint: you can activate your sexual energy and direct it towards whatever you want, whether it be amplifying certain qualities in yourself, attracting wealth, creating your dream life, a home, a partner, a child or ANYTHING else that you may have ever desired.
And…. shhhh..
It works.

And please understand this: it is not that I don’t want to share the secrets with you that will change your life forever. Yet, to be able to properly do the sex magic without harming yourself or anyone else, you need to understand the context of Tantra first.

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