August 11, 2015

Inside you, probably somewhere in your heart lives a little child. He or she is completely pure, innocent, very vulnerable, and irresistibly sweet.

Get to know him/her. Get to love him/her. Make friends with him/her.

You have probably already heard the term ‘inner child’. It is a common term in psychology that refers to that part of our psyche that still feels very young. And in fact it is an important part of us to get in touch with, to love, to nourish.

That’s actually the only way to heal the wounds of our childhood, which we all have. It’s just almost impossible to grow up in society with other people and not get wounded. And as children we are like sponges, we absorb everything and we think that we are guilty of everything.

But now you are an adult and you need to know that nothing that happened to you when you were little was your fault. None of it. And you can communicate it to that vulnerable little girl or boy that is still very present in your heart. You can become her/his friend and companion by simply letting her/him be your friend and helping her/him feel safe and protected.

Connecting with and embracing your inner little girl or boy will help you both accept yourself on a deep level and transform into the powerful woman or man that you really are. And often it just feels really good and fun.

Connecting with the inner child is not something you do once, but it needs to become an ongoing relationship, where every day you can have at least a moment to check in with her. Sometimes it can be as simple as telling her: “Hey little one, I love you”. Or other times you can ask her/him how is she/he feeling and actually – listen to what he/she has to say! That is, after you have asked this question, simply be quiet and listen within. Having a written conversation with him/her may also help. Some days he/she might be quiet. And other days – when he/she feels safe enough with you, you will be surprised.

Another fave of mine is actually doing things that I know my inner little girl loves, i.e. that this particular very young part of me loves. And it fills me with joy to do them. And it is so nourishing, so healing.

These things can be really simple. It could be doing things that you really loved or wanted to do as a child.

Now you are an adult and you can give this to your inner little one. It helps to loosen up and to stop taking things so seriously (as adults do).

To give you an example, here are some things that my inner little Sofia loves:

  • cute temporary tattoos (preferably pink)
  • nice bright colours
  • playing
  • cuddles
  • comedies
  • laughing
  • dancing like crazy
  • jumping and laughing for no reason
  • caressing horses and dogs

And I’m constantly discovering more.

Just thinking about these things fills me with joy. I’m so happy I am connected with the little girl inside of me. My life has become a lot more harmonious since I have been in touch with her.

PS Here are some from my male friend (too funny not to share with you) :

  • playing stupid
  • watching war movies
  • making animal noises
  • contradicting people’s opinions just for the fun of it
  • making bonfires

Image credit: Lisabel

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