December 22, 2021

We learn all kinds of things as we grow up, but we aren’t taught how to properly harness the energy within our own bodies.

We aren’t taught the limitless potential for creativity and power stored within our bodies.
We didn’t learn how to embrace the embodied experience of Life.
We didn’t learn how to activate our own body, let alone our partner’s.

The educational system doesn’t teach us how to be a whole, integrated human.
What we get as result is people who are trained to live from the mind, and not from the body, and not from the heart. We can train our minds to be brilliant, and to serve our greatest Path… And still… the mind is not all that we are.

We are a Spirit, having an embodied experience. We are human. We are divine. And we incarnated into the body.

The body is sacred.
The body is erotic.
The body is pure.

The body remembers what the mind does not. Every symptom that the body manifests is in fact the Spirit talking.
The body has all the answers.. if you know how to listen…

Embodiment is a training of living in the body. It’s a practice of fully incarnating and brining all aspects of our souls into being. Through embodiment intellectual understanding becomes a direct experience. 

Embodiment is what offers transmission.

When you deeply embody something you don’t even need to talk about it. You don’t need to explain yourself or prove a point. You own it, effortlessly, and it is oozing through your being.

Much of my work is about embodiment. I don’t just talk to my clients and students, I get them to _feel_, to learn the language of their bodies and hearts and develop power and trust that is unshakeable – because it is not conceptual. It is experiential.

Tomorrow on day 3 of Sɘx, Love, Power Masterclass we will have a conversation about the Force that is at the root of all of Life: the Sɘxual Energy.

Almost 3500 people have registered for this masterclass and we are going deep together!
(Yes, you can still join).

I’ve been facilitating events and writing books on the subject of Sacred Sɘxuality since 2012. I am excited about tomorrow!

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