June 10, 2022

You may want him to become more open.
You may want him to feel you more.
You may want him to be more mature in his masculinity.
You may want him to commit to growing together.
You may want him to be there like a rock by your side… unshakable in the storm…

Let’s imagine for a moment that he won’t become any of that. ☄️

Would you still choose to be with him now?
(Be honest with yourself.)

☤ If not… better get clear on your needs and boundaries + express those with clarity and kindness and if they are not being met… don’t waste your and his precious time and move on.

>>> Whenever you take a step back from that which is not in alignment with your deepest truth… that which you are truly aligned with is making 10 steps towards you!

☤ If you are still choosing him… you must have had an enormous breakthrough. Or are on the verge of one.

I’ll break it down.

Let’s get clear on this:

⚡️ When you struggle to accept him the way he is now it means you struggle to accept yourself. ⚡️

When you don’t fully accept yourself there is a very limited amount of love that can flow through you.

Love is your true nature and your deepest gift.

Love can only flow in acceptance.

His change won’t happen because you want that. It will only happen because he wants that. And if he feels an energetic pressure coming from you… even if on a very subtle level… he will resist it.

⚡️By trying to rush things you are actually blocking the very thing you want.⚡️

So, beloved… turn inwards.

What do you have a hard time accepting about yourself? What are you ashamed of? Where have you been in denial..?

Make it a part of your daily devotion to pour your Love right there. ♡

This is how you find acceptance.

This is how you give space to Love.

⚡️And here is the breakthrough:

When you meet another person from this space of acceptance… their change is INEVITABLE.

Because change is the nature of Life.

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