December 30, 2015

Can we avoid hurting people?

Or is it a necessary part of walking through life?

I personally hate hurting people. Thinking that someone is in pain because of me… Whoah, that’s like the worst thing ever for me. It scores way higher than being rejected, abandoned, shamed or hurt. And now, as my evolution is picking up in speed and as I become more and  more aligned with the reason why I am here, on this planet, I observe that the Universe makes me face the situations where my choices affect others, sometimes in hurtful ways.

How do we go around feeling that we hurt people?

Can we say that we are actually never responsible for anyone feeling hurt, because after all it is always our own responsibility – how to take things in life, do we choose to be affected by them or not?

Can we find a way to make peace with the predator within – the part of us that can hurt people, and actually might even like that?

Why would we like hurting people? Is it something from the realms of sadism?

Or is there a chance that it is an awakening force? That what we perceive as hurtful, in fact is detrimental for the person in front of us, and in the long run it actually makes them a better human being…

And when we are making empowered choices, that gives us the impression of being hurtful to someone else, maybe in fact we are offering a unique opportunity of awakening for the person in front of us…?

These are big questions for me right now, but I’m not necessarily looking for a “yes” or “no” answer. But I am holding it, navigating through it, and letting it sit within my heart.

I’d love to hear your input.

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