January 30, 2018

I don’t believe in monogamy.
I don’t believe in polyamory either.
I have tasted both and I have to say: neither of these works.
It doesn’t work to define the undefinable.
It doesn’t work to confine ourselves and our loved ones to a specific way of moving in the world.
We all know that it’s time for us to live authentically, to step up and ruthlessly embody our truth. And for that there are no functional models.

I believe in honesty, integrity, and beyond it all – love.
Deep, raw, real love for Self. And trust in the truth of expression of Self in me and in others.
I believe in commitment to showing up in the depth of presence.
I believe in commitment to telling truth moment by moment.
I believe in a life free of blame, shame and guilt.
I believe in honoring each other. Honoring each other so much that you take the risk to be authentically you, moment by moment…
And all this may mean that the dynamic between us is that of exclusivity, or that we have other lovers, or that it changes day by day, month by month or year by year.

It may sound unsafe.
And it is unsafe for the parts of us that want to be co-dependant.

But a moment comes when you realize that no-one can ever make you feel safe, or happy.

Unless you feel safe and happy in your own skin.


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