April 28, 2017

I have a superpower: I freaking love life.
And another one: I really love humans.
I have a deep inner knowledge that people are bright. That each human has a supreme destiny. And that everyone is here to reveal that to themselves and the world. It’s just a matter of time, really.

I have to admit, though, that sometimes it feels as if people are trying to convince me of their misery.

Typically we have this type of dialogue:

“Wow, you are so incredible! Look at you!” – My eyes open wider than normally, I am captivated by the beauty that I see.
“Oh no, Sofia, I am an idiot. I am a terrible person. I simply suck.”
“No, this is not true. I cannot see any of that. What are you talking about? How can you not see that? How can you not love yourself?”
“Yes, but it just seems that way, actually in reality I am just a piece of shit”.

I mean, seriously?

How much longer are we going to feed this ridiculous unworthiness?

We can do as much personal development as we want, and dig into our stuff, and dive into our darkness, and get honest and real about it all.

But at some point, we have to recognize the places where we are indulging in drama.

There is nothing healthy about it. The drama is only taking us away from ourselves. Unworthiness is such a deeply rooted quality, it comes together with the unconscious belief that we have to suffer, otherwise we are betraying ourselves.

The unworthiness has to go.

It’s each human being’s birthright to have the most incredible life. And it is never the circumstances that make us suffer, it is always our own perception and attitude.

We create our own hell. And our own heaven too.

We need to discover the light that is behind everything. The light exists even in the shadow, if it didn’t we wouldn’t even be able to see the shadow.

Hold onto nothing but the light, let it be your guiding symbol.

All will be purified by this light naturally, you don’t even need to dig in, just let the light do its job.
And at some point even the idea of holding onto the light will fall away because it will become a natural state of being.

Life is in fact so simple.

Photo by @deanraphael

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