December 29, 2021

There is a feeling worth living for:

A sense of awe.

The “Oh my God, how is this even possible?!”
While at the same time: “If THIS is possible… what else could be there?”

The sense of awe acts like a glitch in the matrix, it takes us out of the ordinary mental consciousness into another zone: the zone of limitlessness.

The recurring feeling of awe is a true sign of being on our highest vibrational destiny line, of life lived in alignment with our Dharma.

This passing year offered me a huge gift: as if after a deep sleep, something in me woke up. I’ve started seeing that Life is full of discovery, that there are so many areas of this human incarnation that I haven’t yet touched, that there is SO MUCH to human potential…

This makes me so grateful to be alive.
It puts me into a state of awe and expansion.
It makes me bow down to the Magnificence that is God, that is this Life.

I realised, that e v e r y t h i n g is accessible to me. Because… how can it not be?

We, humans, are so powerful.
We have the power to create the most extraordinary things.
Each of us can have the most extraordinary Life.

It does come with a price to pay:

♛ Trust is the price. ♛

No matter how old you are, remember this: you are just getting started. You still have so much to experience, to taste, to realise.

The state of awe is something that draws to us more experiences to be in awe of… ✨

May this Life be what it’s meant to be – a sublime adventure, full of discovery…

Are you in? 🤍

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