June 10, 2022

I am standing in front of a group of people. I am guiding them to experience this reality and themselves more fully. I speak yet the words that I say feel charged with a mysterious power. I feel held by an invisible force, and the more I lean into it the more I am surprised by what’s coming through. I see those in front of me in an unusual way. I empathise with their struggles and yet… I see something else that I find fascinating.

I see the inherent purity of the people in front of me.
I see their hearts.
I see them from the space… of before.

Before the personality that they identify with. Before the pain. Before the challenges.
I see the journey of the Soul.
I speak from the place of this undeniable truth.
All I know is that something big is taking place. Something sacred.
And that
~ I must get out of the way to fully let it happen. ~

This happened 10 years ago, in April 2012 when I was facilitating a group for the first time.
It was at my practicum during a teacher training.
I was mindblown by my experience and the feedback, yet I didn’t know that it was the beginning of my career as a mentor and transformational facilitator.

Now, 10 years later, having held over 100 events all over the planet, having touched tens of thousands of people in my masterclasses and programs online, having mentored and held people as they have navigated some of the most pivotal, challenging and expansive parts of their journeys… I can say that I have chosen well.

Experience proves that transformation starts to occur as soon as people simply enter my field.
It’s a magic power of my Soul. Building on it and walking together with people who are responsive to this magic has been profoundly enriching.

🎉 This month I am celebrating my 10 year anniversary as a leader, mentor and guide. 🎉

To anchor this historic moment I created a 4 day Masterclass where I will take you on a profound journey of the Soul.

This class consists of high level teachings that have revolutionised my business, my relationships and the quality of my Life.

I proudly present:

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Deep dive ahead.

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