December 28, 2019

Women have been initiating men since the beginning of time.⠀

Over the last 2 months I’ve predominantly been surrounded by men, and only a few women.⠀

Whenever I go out, I always end up speaking with men. Today I have appointments with 4 men back to back.⠀

All these men are quite exceptional: they all are committed to their evolution, have interesting insights and are very open to my perspective and guidance.⠀

All this while, at the same time so many women are complaining that there are no conscious men. ⠀

What’s going on?⠀

It hasn’t always been that way. Subconsciously, I used to carry a lot of hurt and anger towards the masculine. Most of it was not even mine, but inherited from my mother’s lineage. Men, of course, found that energy repulsive. Sometimes they’d come close but they never stuck around.⠀

My stuff had to be brought out of the shadows, be seen for the dreadful effect it had on my life and then washed away through conscious work and rituals.⠀

What I know is that women are the ones who have to educate and initiate men. We cannot expect them to JUST know how to show up for themselves and for us.⠀

There are powerful stories from various traditions about how women change the course of men’s lives. Stories about Tibetan Dakinis, about western mystics, including Maria Magdalena, as well as Priestesses of Atlantis and many more. All the great lovers you’ve had in your life are only great because they’ve related to great women who offered feedback and guidance.⠀

That’s why the Priestess School is built out of modules that first help women go on a deep journey within, connect with every part that has ever been hurt, nourish and activate themselves from inside out and then… they meet men from a totally new place in module 3.⠀

Module 3 is when we have men join us for the entire training and women offer a variety of initiations to these men. The most profound initiations happen when the woman drops all her masks and really lets the vulnerability of her heart be seen and held by the masculine. ⠀

Another type of initiation occurs through activating the codes of RECEIVING. Most women don’t know what it really means to receive a man. It’s not surprising – you cannot open to receive if your system is in fight or flight mode, over-activated from living your life from the masculine and expecting to be mistreated because that was what happened in the past and you didn’t fully heal this wound.⠀

In each module 3 so far we have had to work with some really fundamental topics, including: separating  mystical attraction from romantic pull, dealing with mistrust and resentment, using men to fill up holes within, facing the shadow of manipulation and seduction…⠀

Women who have activated their inner Priestess are capable of initiating those around us into states of consciousness and experiences that they have never had in their lives. What it takes is doing your own honest inner work and taking RESPONSIBILITY for what is truth for you and delivering it in a way that is coherent, kind and direct.⠀

This can only work when it comes from a pure and humble place. There is no room for entitlement (“I’m initiating others, I’m so great”!). It has to be a natural extension of who you are and how you express yourself.⠀

Join the upcoming module 1 in Bali in February, to get started with this profound journey, and follow on to modules 2 and 3 later in 2020 – the perfect year to GO IN and shift old paradigms that are not serving us.⠀

Art by @tinamariaelena

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