Isis Codes

Temple for advanced tantric feminine practice

Welcome to Isis Codes

For the Woman who is here to bring Heaven on Earth

This is the Temple for mastery of tantric feminine practice, erotic embodiment & spiritual wisdom as secret keys to success, sovereignty and fulfillment.

This is the Sacred Space for you to anchor in the advanced feminine state of being & knowing of the Heart.

Isis Codes is a portal to connect all dots in your Life through direct connection with the Goddess and allow Her to move you.

As you are held in the Temple:

  • Your intimate relationship blossoms, deepens and turns into a graceful dance.
  • Love overflows from you into all your creations, your business and all your relationships.
  • You discover ever deepening authenticity of expression of your power which makes you magnetic for perfectly aligned circumstances and people.
  • You access Grace that accelerates transformation of the parts of your psyche that must be transformed for the  “landing” of your High Priestess self to take place.
  • Every moment becomes an opportunity to widen your awareness of reality and deepen in your capacity to find fulfilment and joy in every present moment.
  • You stabilise in your true place. And keep ascending higher and higher while loving and honouring your humanness.
  • You remember that you are the conduit for love, for grace and prosperity for yourself, those close to you and all of Humanity.
Isis Codes is a deep dive container for a Woman ready for expansion of Her Love, Magnetism, Service and Play in the field of pure Prosperity.

Isis Codes is a deep dive container for the Woman who has both a spiritual background and a clarity on Her humanly Path.

It is for the Woman yearning to go to the core and experience overflow on every level.

It is for the Woman ready for expansion of Her Love, Magnetism, Service and Play in the field of pure Prosperity.

It is for the Woman desiring to train in embodying her High Priestess Self in every circumstance.

It is for the Woman willing to dance the Cosmic dance of Life offering herself in totality to the mystery of Existence.

You no longer need to walk alone…

See you on the inside!

Your Facilitator

I am a mentor, entrepreneur and a transformational facilitator with the focus on Tantric Energetics for spiritual ascension, erotic embodiment and radiant intimacy. My mission is to support bright humans on their path of growth, embodiment and surrendered leadership, so that they can shine in full service to Love.

Since 2012 I’ve held over 100 transformational events worldwide, written a bestselling book and created a dozen of online courses all on the subject of empowered living, leadership and embodiment. I am the founder of Sundari Mystery Immersions, the host of Boundless Love podcast and CEO of my 7 figure brand.

My network consists of over 150,000 bright individuals. Thousands of people from over 80 countries have been a part of my programs. They claim that my work has transformed their lives and supported them in returning to their innate beauty, power and love.

Success Stories

Sabrina Kalea

Profound balance & inner Wholeness

I am feeling more and more in my power with setting my boundaries and now I am able to stick to them, which is a huge shift for me. I feel so happy and so good as I am integrating this masculine side of me to hold me. I am feeling a profound balance and inner wholeness.


This Work changed my life

It's necessary for everyone to know this work. It continues to expand my awareness, my consciousness, and my body. Right now I feel true to myself and closer to the Divine than ever before. I feel so held, loved and taken care of in this container.


I feel like a newborn, seeing things in a new light

It never ceases to amaze me how the practices and teachings Sofia offers supports me exactly what I am going through. It's like she is in my life with me. Through this work I am expanding so much and getting clear and aligned with my Soul. I feel so grateful, so supported by the Divine, it's unbelievable... Sofia really opened my eyes to how can I nurture my relationship with the Divine and that it could be my priority and that life could be that way.


I feel like I have wings

There has been so much more consciousness in my life. I have figured things out. I figured out a way to hold my emotions, a way that they can just pass through, freely flow, not to create the drama around it. I feel like I started seeing things for what they are. There is another level of connection that I have with myself and with the Divine.


Isis Codes has opened up a whole new level of existence and vision for me

I had no specific vision for my life. I used to be an attorney, which is pretty good in terms of how success is measured in our society. And I’ve done the marriage and mothering thing, which is another tick checked. I should have been so content with my life. But clearly I wasn’t.


An accelerated path of expansion

I learned how to feel strong emotions and how to let them move through me instead of swaying around, lost, and confused. This is one of the most valuable tools that created an expansion beyond my dreams. Sofia is the only mentor I’ve had so far that can hold all of me, my dark feminine, my storm, and my vision. She can take all of me with no filters. In moments of weakness, she doesn’t feed my wounds. In moments of exaltation, she doesn't feed my ego. She is the holder of the sacred space where I can grow, and her direction sets me on an accelerated path of expansion.


The safety of this group helps me to sink deeper into all of it.

I know this feeling of feeling alone so well, the feeling of keep on going in the dark and doing it all by myself, keeping everyone at a distance but yearning for love at the same time. That is exactly the reason why I decided to come here, to break a pattern. I decide to fully incarnate and be open to receive. I love the rawness and the beauty of this process of sinking into my body completely, to be able to feel everything… the safety, the unsafety, the joy and the anxiety. The safety of this group helps me to sink deeper into all of it.


I feel more at home in my body, the world, & supported by grace

This work has brought me home to my heart. It centers and grounds me in ways I did not know I needed. The sisterhood of Isis Codes has brought me joy, peace, and support knowing I am no longer alone, for which I am grateful. Working with Sofia has helped me bring out the deepest parts of my inner most feminine, integrating both the dark and light. It feels effortless, holy, and necessary. I feel more at home in my body, and the world, supported by grace that I now know how to source.

Isis Codes

This is a rolling container with a 4 month commitment.


  • 2 group calls per month with teachings and mentoring
  •  Telegram group where themed weekly practices will be offered for you to repeat throughout the week.
  • Access to Sofia’s mentorship and guidance twice every week via Telegram

Temple Priestess

  • 10,000 USD paid in full
  • Or 4 monthly installments of  3,125 USD

Upgraded Temple Experience

  • 12,000 USD paid in full
  • Or 4 monthly installments of  3,600 USD
  • Includes everything + 1 private call

VIP Temple Experience

  • 18,000 USD paid in full
  • Or 4 monthly installments of  5,400 USD
  • Includes everything + 4 private calls (1 per month)


* This container is open by application only. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours, and in case of acceptance you will receive an email with all the payment options.

Cancellation policy

There will be no refunds offered and no cancellation of this program. For details please read our Cancellation Policy.

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