About us

Sundari Team is a rapidly growing team of 10 passionate and connected people.

Our mission is to elevate the human consciousness across the globe. We support people in entering into their highest human and spiritual potential.

Our mission is to serve Love on this Planet. Love not as a romanticised cliche, but a Force that transforms, heals and creates.

Our vision is to impact millions of people around the world by directly working with leaders and change makers. We aim to contribute to transformation, awakening and harmony on our planet.

We believe that as soon as we become aware of how to truly choose and embody Love, we become limitless.

Therefore as a team we share an unshakeable commitment to our personal and spiritual growth.

All positions in our team are location free, however we aim to hire people who reside in Europe.

Core Values of our Company

  • Self care & responsibility
  • Connection & Kindness
  • Integrity
  • Clarity in Boundaries & Communication
  • Impact
  • Care
  • Celebration

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Sundari Team is Growing

We cherish long term relationships

We are looking to hire people with high integrity, true dedication to inner work and golden hearts.

If you feel that is you, and you share our passion for the Sundari mission – to elevate human consciousness on the planet, check out our open positions below.

Open Positions

Assistant Operations Manager

We’re a growing company with a big impact. It’s an exciting time to join us as we’re growing quickly and regularly adding projects, revenue streams and new talented people to our dedicated team.

You will report to the Operations, Finance and Business Development Manager which is a dynamic and entrepreneurial role, responsible for delivering many new projects and initiatives. By supporting and reporting to this manager, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of projects that make a genuine impact upon the company and our customer’s lives.

You will be expected to play a significant role in establishing new systems, setting up online software packages and supporting your customer facing colleagues. No two days are the same! We’re often creating things for the first time and the whole company is on a steep learning journey. In order to succeed in this role it is critical that you respond to new challenges as an opportunity to learn.

You will often be leading the way with online software tools, data management systems and organising company resources. It is essential that you embrace these systems, enjoy learning how to use them and can confidently support others that might need help to access information.

You are a person of high integrity, with a high attention to detail and capable of being trusted to manage often sensitive or confidential data.

We love straightforward communication; so while there is every opportunity to grow with us and at times you might be working on the edge of your ability, we will always welcome discussions about where further support or resources are needed. With this in mind we’re a truly collaborative team and we ask the same from you as you come onboard.

Role Responsibilities
– Provide support to the operations manager in the day to day running of the organization
– Maintain and organize company’s online files and databases
– Schedule projects and ensure assignments are carried out as planned
– Communicate with contractors and ensure we have good relations with them
– Provide first level customer support
– Perform daily administrative and tech tasks (invoices, refunds, etc)

Skills & Experience Requirements
- A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience
- Good communication skills and must be someone that gets along well with other people - must have good interpersonal skills
- Quick thinker, capable of acting without guidance
- Good administrational, analytical, problem solving, and organizational abilities
- Exceptional attention to detail, both in writing and in visual representation of a brand
- Must be able to work and deliver within limited time frame
- Great Computer Skills and affinities towards online tools and apps
- Fluent in English (spoken and written)
- Must have a good understanding of how an administrative setting operates and also know what is required at any given time

About you
- You have a desire to be a part of a high performing team with a powerful vision for Humanity.
- You take ownership, accountability, and responsibility. Rather than blame and excuses, you own the results you create and show up fully and courageously, even in the face of uncertainty and chaos. You don’t wait, you proactively take initiative.
- You genuinely care. Not just felt, but expressed. You lead with empathy and humility. You always look for the win-win-win scenarios.
- You're a team player. We’re looking for rock-solid team-mates. You ask for support when needed. You’ll notice when your team-mates could use some support, and you’ll offer to help.
- You show integrity. You choose vulnerability, transparency and honesty. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You stay in integrity with your values and your word.
- You are a Master of your craft. You choose to play in your Zone of Genius. You meet your own edge and push your boundaries of personal growth. - You reside in Europe
- When applying please send us your Human Design profile

Additional details
- Salary based on hourly rate
- Remote work

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Open Positions

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