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About Leadership Program

founded and led by Sofia Sundari

It’s the time for awakened leaders to emerge and rise. The world is calling for that.

~ Sofia Sundari

Would you like to join the team of leaders and facilitators that teach on Immersions all over the world?

Would you like to deepen into the methods and principles taught by Sofia and be equipped to teach from a place of deep integration and embodiment?

Then you might be interested in continuing the path of Surrendered Leadership and becoming a part of Sundari Leadership Training, which is an in-depth journey with me and my team. By the end of it you could become a trusted teacher and facilitator.

If this opportunity resonates in your heart, then I’d love to explore this with you.

I would like to raise an inner circle of teachers; a very special group with deep roots of trust, integrity and commitment to our shared purpose in this world.
~ Sofia Sundari

Stages of the Program

Stage 1 & Stage 2

Stage 1 includes 4 steps:

1. Attend at least one Training. This can be in person or a live online training such as In Service to Love (ISTL).
2. Optional, but recommended: complete another credible training experience in a spiritual practice, such as extended meditation retreat.
+   Participation in ISTL is optional (for now) but recommended.
3. Application & Interview to join the Sundari Leadership Program (note: not everyone is granted acceptance)
4. Surrendered Leadership Training (Live Training)


Stage 2 includes 3 steps:

1. A minimum of 3 internship training retreats.
2. Completion of a minimum of one 10 day silent meditation retreat and a yoga teacher training in a tradition that is compatible with the principles of Sundari Mystery Immersions.
3. Leadership Training – Deepening.

Those who complete the entire program (Stage 1 and Stage 2) will be invited to take our message into the world and use many of the Sundari methods and principles in their work. In addition to learning, personal-growth and income opportunities, all participants of the Sundari Leadership Program will get access to exclusive benefits.

For more information about the Sundari Leadership Training Program, please send us an email. Candidates are initially invited to express an interest in this training. There will periodically be a selection process where a small number of candidates will be invited to join the program.

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This is how our journey unfolds...

This Program is a journey to power that is beyond personal.


What is it like working with Sofia?

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Are you ready to surrender into your Power?

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