May 13, 2020

The yoni is a holy cave. She is soft. She is delicious. She is warm. She is content and complete in her most warm lusciousness. She exists for the joy of existing. She is never empty. She is always filled with light. The lingam is never apart from her, he is always in a state of union with her,⠀

She is always filled with light.⠀

I had several spontaneous big experiences of consciousness in my childhood/around puberty times. One of them happened when I consciously approached my yoni for the first time. I was about 12. I took time to explore her on the outside, then I entered her with my finger… I was mesmerised. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she felt, what a holy place I had within me. I felt that whoever will get the honor to touch her in this way will be a blessed person. ⠀

I was in awe. ⠀

That’s how we all should feel about the Yoni.⠀

She opens when she feels adored, she oozes her sweet nectar for those who approach her with reverence.⠀

If you approach her with sincerity and love she will welcome you in. ⠀⠀
The more she fills up with sexual ecstasy, the more love she will feel and that love will pour over her partner, and not only when she orgasms but into every aspect of their lives.⠀

A man cannot naturally generate the yin vibrations in himself to the degree that a woman can. Yet he can penetrate her with his love and presence and in response, she reflects it back to him tenfold: he will feel that he is getting drenched in her energy and the ecstatic energy of her orgasm becomes his too.⠀

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