October 11, 2016

Sometimes we meet those special people that attract us, that make us curious. Being in their presence makes us feel something special, something unlike the ordinary, some people just seem to come into our lives with magic.
And most often right here the conditioning comes in. It says: “Oooh you are special, I like you, let’s get laid”.
And here I have to come in and tell you: “Don’t listen to this voice”.
Don’t listen to it, because in most cases it is mere conditioning that has nothing to do with what is really happening. In most cases, we tend to project “our way” onto things too soon.
We tend to act prematurely.
And sometimes by going with our conditioned behaviour we are missing out on opportunities to let our soul be touched.
Each meeting is not an accident.
Each meeting can facilitate a deep connection.
Each meeting can be your gateway to your true self.
And you will be astounded if you don’t rush into things, and make projections about how things should look.
Each time you have a soul connection with someone, don’t rush. Take a pause, and ask this question: “What is the most that we can experience together? What is the most that can happen between us right now?”
Don’t rush into answering this question either. Hold this question and let things unfold.
You will see that everything will be taken care of. Life will provide situations that are perfect. And you will know exactly what to do. As long as you don’t let the conditioning of your mind guide you, but rather open up to your spirit.
You will discover that the most powerful thing that you can do with someone is going for a walk in the forest rather then jumping into bed. And this forest walk might be more satisfying than a lovemaking session, with this particular person, due to the specifics of connection between the two of you at this time.
With someone else it might be cuddling all night.
With someone else – a passionate making out session.
With someone else – a massage exchange.
And with someone – it may go straight into full on penetrative sex. But you will see that it is an exception rather than a rule.
And with this level of presence and attunement you will probably discover that penetrative sex is something that you will want to do with quite a rare person.
And that a walk in the forest and exchange of a sensual experience might be as deep an experience and expression of love as actual penetrative sex!
The key is deep presence. In such presence you give room to your soul. You let your actions be guided. And then we grow from a little me-centered nightmare of a life to something bigger, to a bigger I, to a larger vision. To something that reveals and nourishes our spirit. To something that initiates everyone around us into the vast opportunities that this life really holds. To something that has a potential to reveal the splendour of this existence.
In my own life I have observed that ever since I started living without this attachment to rushing into the “normal” way of relating, I have cultivated a lot of magical connections. And some people appear in my life in phases. And each phase has a whole new meaning.
Some meetings just seem to have no end. Some meetings are just never complete. And there is something beautiful about that too.
Each meeting is a gift. Each meeting is here to teach us something. Each person is an angel that is sent to us to teach us, protect us, awaken us, nourish us, empower us. And no-one knows exactly how it is going to look.
But if only we allow life to take care of life, all will unfold in the most magnificent way.

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