September 17, 2020

Many people interact through the prism of passive aggression.⠀

They are hurt/upset from a previous experience either with this particular person or a group that this person belongs to. ⠀

You don’t need to hold onto old grudges – most of the things can be resolved. Seriously! ⠀

I know you don’t love confrontation, most of us don’t. ⠀

But here’s what:⠀

Holding on sucks your life force. ⠀

Why are you doing it?⠀

How to know for sure that you’re holding on?⠀

Simple: if at the sight or even thought of a particular person you feel you are cringing on the inside – it means there is something unresolved/unprocessed.⠀

Reach out – express – resolve – let go

Here’s a challenge though: try expressing in a non-aggressive way, check your language – is there a judgement or (even if subtle) attack that’s behind your words?

You have better things to invest your energy into.⠀

In some cases for various reasons no resolution is possible either for the time being or forever. ⠀

But even in that case it’s possible to resolve things at the level of the soul.⠀

Yes, you can actually talk to people’s souls. Sometimes it’s more than enough.

Photo by @iamjodielouise

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